Printing problem using Windows 98SE with Compaq IJ300 printer

Just recently I began experiencing problem with printing from any Windows file/program (Word, Notepad,
Excel,etc) yet I am able to perform a test print on my Compaq IJ300 printer.  The error message says
check cables, make sure thte printer is on, or re-install the driver.  I have uninstalled the driver
and re-install (over 15 times)using both the Compaq disk or downloaded from Compaq internet site.

Followed Windows troubleshooter for printing and was not successful.  Contacted Compaq for help and
followed all instructions for deleting and re-installing print driver.  They seems to think it is the
printer itself.  I have changed printer cables and printers and still get the same error message.  All
I see in the printer que are the print jobs waiting to be printer, but can't.  Yet when I do a test
print, it prints out a beautiful copy of the Compaq logo.  

Someone else suggested that I delete some files in the Spool directory on my C:\ drive to make sure
my memory is ok. I have checked the memory and have plenty.  The only things I know that may have contributed
to the problem, are my recent downloading of my Window update critical files and upgrading of my antivirus
program.  I rarely use this printer, in fact I have printed less than 50 pages on it since purchased
in 2000.  I normally disconnect it after each use.

Does anyone have a clue to solving this problem and have they heard of it before?   Is the Compaq rescue
disk my only recourse to solving this problems??  Are there any files I should check on my hard drive
that recent upgrades could have deleted to cause this problem.  I really would appreciate any response
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whoamiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you were on the phone with compaq and they think the printer is the problem, I would be that they are right.  It is their printer and I would imagine that they should know whats best.

Although thoffman is right you can try it on another computer to see if the printer works.  If it doesn't given the information here I would go and buy an HP deskjet to replace it.  You can get one for less than $100 and they are much better printers.  

First, try the printer and cable on another computer to verify that the printer is good.  After doing that, you need to focus on your computer.  Have you gone into safe mode (F8 while booting) and verified that you don't have multiple listings of the printer in system properties?  Have you verified that the LPT port is not disabled in the BIOS?
As long as you're in the BIOS, check the port settings. Some printers have trouble if the port is set to ECP mode.

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Try disabling bi-directional communication in the printer driver.
Assuming the printer has no problem.
If you are in BIOS checking printer port, I suggest the printer port should use "EPP 1.x".  I tried to use "ECP" and "ECP + EPP" but having the same problem with my Epson 710.  But running EPP only works great.  If it still fail, try SPP (or standard port).

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