Developing Multi user application


I am working with Delphi 5 enterprise and sql server7.
I am using ADO components for database connection.

There will be 4 to 5 user accessing the data simultaneously.

What all things I have to do so that all users gets all data, but if any user edits a record then that record should be no editable for other users.

I have no idea about developing multi user applications, so please explain to me what all things I must to ensure the quality of this multi user process.

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Mohammed NasmanConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:

  there's a property of the ADO Table called LockType, and it have two values if you set it to  ltOptimistic then your record will lock when you call the post method, but if you set the LockType to ltPessimistic, then the record will lock when you edit the record

Best regards
hi dear,

if you write the code for appendding or updating the table using "table1.append," you must change this methode to write the commands using sql command for append or delete or update the table.

if you have problem with sql language i can send to you very simple example to your email.

thank you
princemaheshAuthor Commented:
Hi mnasman

I did that. I changed LockType to ltPessimistic but it still works in normal way.
It allows two user to edit and save the same records.

What I want to do is that if one user sets a record in edit mode then that record should be non editable for other users.

How can i get this work done?


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geobulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition to mnasman's comment set:
CursorLocation := clUseServer;
CursorType := ctDynamic;

before opening the table.

Regards, Geo
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Thanks everyone.
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Hi Moondancer,
I still think that mnasman's comment together with my additions should solve princemahesh's problem.

Regards, Geo
I agree with geobul, setting the Cursor Location to the Server should solve the problem of locking records.
princemaheshAuthor Commented:
I aggre that setting those property will lock the record before posting.

But if suppose there are two users who are accessing the same record and one saves the changes first then when second user tries to save the record then system gives an error message that "The current reocrd has been updated sice you last read it."

Or suppose one user is modifing a record and other user deletes that record then again while saving that record first user will get the error.

Once this collaboration is completed and the additional "what if" question  is handled that Mahesh just posted, let me know.

I'll be happy to split points to award those who helped.

Moondancer - EE Moderator
princemahesh, what is the recordset's cursor location set to?  Client or server?  What is the Lock Type set to?

For your situation to be relieved, you will need to have the cursor location on the server and your lock type set to pessimistic.  Both properties must be present.  Also, make sure to check the cursor location after you have set the Active property to true as it will sometimes change the cursor location and type to whatever is available.
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
points to geobul  and me
I agree with mnasman, points to geobul and mnasman.
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