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Is dialer group needed in order to connect to remote network?
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In a form, yes. A dialer group uses interesting traffic that it is made aware of by the dialer-list command which looks at an access list to help dial a connection to a remote network. The dialer-list and dialer-group commands are normally found in the same configuration.
Pardon if I am dropping in on a private conversation and am not understanding the question...

If your definition of "remote network" means "a network where a dial technology needs to be used to connect" than yes.  However, I have never heard of this definition for a remote network.  A dialer group is only used in asynchronous and ISDN type connections where dial technologies are used.  In Frame Relay, Ethernet, etc a network can be remote but there is no need for a dialer group.

Also if you want to get technical on Mikecr's definition - a dialer group does not "use" interesting traffic.  A dialer list defines interesting traffic (via an access list or directly with the command) and a dialer group attaches that list to an interface.  It is referred to as a "group" because you can attach a particular list to multiple interfaces.
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