I have cisco router 3640 wiht 1 eth and 30 modems
i have 20 users connected to the ethj adapter
how can i split the date and give the eth only 80% of the 512 KB
i tried the command MAX 80% but it is not working
any other idea ..
i want to give 20% for the dial up and 80% for the modems

help me

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trathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you want to use is a MAP-CLASS, or Traffic Shaping. Effectivly this puts a CIR on the specified interface. Heres what you need.

Fist Define a Map Class

map-class frame-relay NAME
 frame-relay traffic-rate 64000 128000
 no frame-relay adaptive-shaping

The numbers 64000 is the MIN amount of Bandwith you want to use 128000 the Max amount. If you just have one number say 128000 then there isjust a max amount.

Second you want to add the map class to each interface that will be using it.

interface Serial0.1 point-to-point
 no ip directed-broadcast
 frame-relay class NAME
 frame-relay interface-dlci 19  
 bridge-group 1

Third make sure that your serial intface has traffic shaping turned on.

interface Serial0
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
 encapsulation frame-relay IETF
 service-module t1 remote-alarm-enable
 frame-relay traffic-shaping
 frame-relay lmi-type ansi

If you want to slit up the bandwith between 2 interfaces you wll have to have two different MAP CLASSes.
80% of what 512Kb?  20% to dialup and 80% for modems?  I have read this over about 5 or 6 times and I am still really confused.  Could you provide more detail as to what you are attempting to do?
moty66Author Commented:
I have 512 KB

the router take the internet from the serial and the bandwidth is 512

i give the data to  1- Interent cafe  by eth 2/0
                    2- Async Modems connected to router.

I want to give 80% of the bandwidth for the Eth (internet cafe)

and 20% for the Async modems

another way
I want to give the eth only 80% of the date .. how can i do it ?

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Is the serial side Frame Relay?

If not, this solution will not work.
Yes the serial side is Frame Relay.
How do you know?  Do you personally know moty66 or do you has moty66 communicated in a special code that only you understand?
Just an FYI - I read trath's answer again and it won't work anyway.  I find it interesting that you've already accepted the answer without bothering to test it.  What he has proposed is a way of limiting bandwidth at the subinterface level of a Frame Relay line.  This will just reduce the speed at which your subinterface will send data.  This is only helpful when you have multiple Frame Relay DLCI's travelling over the same physical circuit.  This will in no way limit the Ethernet side to a certain amount and your modems to another amount.  You can certainly try it, but I can guarantee you are going down the wrong path.  What you need is a more overall QoS method such as Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing which ties back to an access list rather than a subinterface.  I was going to check to make sure you can do this on a 3640, as I have only done this on ATM on a 7206, but you've already accepted this answer.

Next time, I would make sure you have a solution that works!!!
moty66Author Commented:
yes it is fram relay
moty66Author Commented:
scraig84 i accepted this answer coz it gave me a good idea about what i need .
1- i understand the trafic shapping
then i used something for the eithernet called traffic-shape rate and i can see now on the monitor screen that the eth cant get more than 200 KB :)

but it is really the accpeted answer is not correct
:( but what to do :(

thx for the advice
Is that not what we are trying to do here limit the amount of bandwith to a interface, or subinterface. If you throttle back an intface to only allow 50% of total bandwith then all of the other interfaces will have the other 50% to compete for. Simple math 50+50=100. Weighted Fair Queueing would work but once again is class based just like my example above simply more advanced in nature.
Yes just as he commented I was giving him an idea of what he was supposed to do. Not neccesarilly saing this is what you have to do. Just as the first comment states he nneded more information, I dont know the whole story, I am just trying to point him in the right direction. I wish someone had done that for me when I was trying to figure this out.
moty66Author Commented:
interface Ethernet2/0
 bandwidth 512
 ip address
 ip access-group 102 in
 no ip directed-broadcast
 ip accounting output-packets
 no ip mroute-cache
 traffic-shape rate 200000 200000 200000 1000
 no cdp enable

is this right :S ? !!
i am lost again !
Here is my understanding of the situation:

1 512K Frame Relay circuit
1 Ethernet interface
30 Modems

Users will be connecting to router via Ethernet and via the 30 modems.  Users of the Ethernet connection should be allowed to use 80% of the Frame circuit and the aggregate of the 30 modems will be allowed to use the other 20%.

Frame traffic shaping is used when you have a large circuit (such as a T1 or T3) and multiple subinterfaces on this circuit.  Because when the subinterface transmits, it transmits at circuit speed, this creates a bottleneck in the Frame cloud when the traffic hits the remote side, where the physical circuit often only has a single DLCI on it and is therefore sized to match the maximum port speed of the VC.  You shape the subinterface to transmit at a level that matches the VC parameters and limit the bottleneck.  

This isn't even remotely close to providing a solution to what I am reading the issue to be.  It appears that moty66 wants to guarantee his Ethernet users a certain level of bandwidth, and limit the async users to another amount.  CBWFQ would be a much more appropriate example as you can limit based on where traffic is flowing from and to.

Frame Traffic shaping = throttling back traffic to limit bottlenecks
CBWFQ = Throttling traffic to guarantee levels of service
You are right in what you said. I had misunderstood his question.. CBWFQ would be the way to go in this instance.
moty66Author Commented:
CBWFQ ? how can i use this ?
moty66Author Commented:
what i have now on my cyberguage window ..
i see that the eth can get 80%  for the max speed ? where is this come from !
anyway this is what i want to do
so i have 80% from the bandwidth .. and at least 20% for the modems .. but if the eth user didnt take all the 80% then the modems user will take the rest of the badnwidth ..
thank u all for the help :)

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