filter the incoming bytes from network

Can anyone suggest me how to parse the incoming bytes from any network devices? I am trying to write a filter program that filters for any unwanted words before it is displayed in a browser. For a helpful suggestion, i dont mind raising the points.
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AxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the following link:

It gives you instructions for creating a Winsock Spy Program.

This should point you in the right direction.
You could try replaceing the wsock32.dll file with your own custom wsock32.dll file.
This is the C++ topic area.  This is in no way a C++ question.  It's entirely operating system dependent and any solution would be specific to that OS.

I'd suggest asking this in a more appropriate topic area.
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rs_1915Author Commented:
Accidently posted my question in a wrong area.
>>This is in no way a C++ question.
This could be a C++ question, if the program is being written in C++.

What language are you writing this program in?
C++ has no language features or any support for networking or sockets.  Nor does it have any packet filtering capabilities.

Check the C++ LRM.  You'll find no support for any of this.  Any network, sockets, or packet filtering capabilities are implementation dependent features or contained in an external library.
Unlike the newsgroup, EE topic areas are more open and free for related topic questions as long as they have some relevancy to the topic area.

Most of the questions posted in the EE C++ topic area would not be appropriate posting for the C++ newsgroup.  However, they are appropriate for the EE C++ topic are.

>>C++ has no language features or any support for >>networking or sockets.  
C++ has no language features or any support Windows
C++ has no language features or any support MFC
C++ has no language features or any support COM
C++ has no language features or any support ALT
C++ has no language features or any support VC 6.0

This is the typical topic policing you find in the newsgroup.  It doesn’t belong at EE.
You are correct.  MFC, Windows, COM, VC6 questions belong elsewhere.  This topic area is for C++.

In fact this question is also very ambiguous.  The asker didn't even specify what operating system he was using.  If it's unix or linux WINSOCK is completely useless since that is a "Windows-ism".  And packet filtering is even more platform specific that networking.

My suggestion is to DELETE this question and ask it in the appropriate {Windows | LINUX | Other platform } Networking topic area.  And there are networking topics for most common operating systems as well as a general networking topic.  It might also be appropriate in the PROGRAMMING topic area for a specific operating system.

But again, this topic is the WRONG PLACE for this Q.
rs_1915Author Commented:
jhance, I posted that question on Networking section. I hope you are happy now.
But as for what language, Who would write such a thing in VB or ASP/Javascript ? Well, C++ language is created to support a system, no matter what system that is, from a very simple system that just spits out "hello world" (cout<<"Hello World"). So My point is there is a background involved all the time. Here it happens to be Networking( protocols) background. And I am implementing this in C++, i think this is a RIGHT Place for this Q.
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