No password for additional server


Is there anywhere one can setup the additional server without a password? l tried setting the password sensitivity level to zero when registering the new server, but it would not allow blank password.

l have my additional server install on a LINUX server, and it's quite cumbersome to always have to key-in the password whenever the linux server reboot. It would be nice if it can start up the domino server just like the first server.

Any suggestion on what can be done to overcome this problem?

Thxs in advance.
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zvonkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

when you create a for this additional server, then is at Basic options dialog, below the servers name are two fields: Password and PasswordQualityScale
You have to enter a password, but you can let PasswordQualityScale at zero.

After creating with a password and letting PasswordQualityScale at zero, you can open the id file in the IdProperties dialog.
At Basic options dialog page are two buttons: SetPassword and ClearPassword
For this IdProperties dialog you have not even to start the Administrator. You can do it in every clients menue: File->Tools->UserID
Of course you have to change first from your to in client. Better option is to do it directly in Administrator.

The ClearPassword is grayed if at registration time the PasswordQualityScale was set higher then zero.

Good luck,

McSlacksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just copy the Id from your server to a workstation where you have a notes client. Then switch user id to that id.

Then file-tools-user id-set password, and clear password. Just make sure you set the password sensitivity to 0.When you add the server.

hi Toshio :-)
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mikecktAuthor Commented:
first, thxs for the help.

just one extra does one setup the domino server to run as a service on a Linux O/S just like the way it is done on a NT server? how does one shutdown the domino server should it be able to start as a service?

Any clue to the problem?


You can set it as a daemon like this

$server > /dev/null  &

You could also redirect input and output of the server. Beware of big logs if you redirect to a file.

$server -q

Will shutdown the server.


Sorry Toshio, again me :-)

Piping the output to null is a waste of possibilities :-)

The important char on Toshio's proposal is the last char starting the server as a background process (the "&" char)
We do on S/390 (also a POSIX UNIX subsystem) start the server with assigned input and output files (and the background char).
This start method offers the possibility anytime asynchronously to assign and release the console.

Are you interested in this one-liner commands?

(I am not talking about Domino rconsole command)

I fetched the lines from my server :-)

It is a bigger procedure to check running processes, shared memory and semaphores, but finaly is the server started with this line:
nohup /u/prog/lotus/bin/latest/sever /notesdata < /tmp/console.input > /tmp/console.output 2>& 1 &

Because the server is started wht redirection of console output to /tmp/console.output, we can anytime from another telnet session (with apropriate rights :-), do this command (parametrized in a shell script of course :-)
tail -f /tmp/console.output &

This tail command give us every new line of console output for hours and days; until we kill this tail background process.

Also easy is to enter new commands to the server. We add new lines into servers console input file and they are executed. Adding is simple done by a shell script with one line:
echo "$@" >> /tmp/console.input

And one word to amount of console output data. We have a very verbouse setting for our Domino console and can run for weeks. With such megs and gigs of other data is the console text output the least problem :-)

mikecktAuthor Commented:
To Toshio & zvonko,

l tried both methods suggested, and depending on the circumstances, sometime work and sometime not.

If l up the server after login to 'notes' using either methods, the shutdown process will work i.e. either issuing the command 'server -q' or 'echo "q" >> /home/notes/console.input'.

However, if l up the server as one of the bootup-process in the startup directory (/etc/rc3.d), the shutdown process will work partially only i.e. it will not completely shutdown all the domino processes.

The following is the content of my startup script file in /etc/rc3.d:

#--- Tohsio's version ---

case $1 in
       su -c "cd /local/notesdata; /opt/lotus/bin/server > /dev/null &" notes
exit 0

#--- zvonko's version ---

case $1 in
       su -c "cd /local/notesdata; nohup /opt/lotus/bin/server < /home/notes/console.input > /home/notes/console.output 2>&1 &" notes
exit 0

When l tried to shutdown the domino server by logging in as 'notes' user, it gives me the following message:

#--- Using 'server -q' method ---

The "Waiting for processes to exit" message will continue to display on the screen. The "Server shutdown complete" message will never appear.

#--- Using 'echo "q" >> /home/notes/console.input' method ---

03/28/2002 11:03:08 AM  Starting Server shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:08 AM  Schedule Manager shutdown complete
03/28/2002 11:03:08 AM  Administration Process shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:08 AM  Database Replicator shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:08 AM  Index update process shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:09 AM  Calendar Connector shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:09 AM  DECS Server shutdown complete
03/28/2002 11:03:09 AM  Router: Shutdown is in progress
03/28/2002 11:03:10 AM  Mail Router shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:11 AM  Event Monitor shutdown
03/28/2002 11:03:19 AM  Stats agent shutdown
03/28/2002 11:08:08 AM  AMgr: Some Executives are still active, shutdown
continue ...
03/28/2002 11:08:08 AM  Agent Manager shutdown complete

On further check the domino processes that is still running using the "ps -ax" command,

 1137 ?        SWN    0:00 /bin/sh /opt/lotus/bin/server
 1151 tty1     S      0:00 login -- notes
 1181 ?        RN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/server
 1182 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/logasio NOTESLOGGER res
 1183 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/logasio NOTESLOGGER res
 1184 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/logasio NOTESLOGGER res
 1185 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/logasio NOTESLOGGER res
 1186 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/server
 1187 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/server
 1195 ?        SN     0:02 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/amgr
 1196 ?        RN     3:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/amgr -e 1
 1216 ?        SN     0:00 /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux/http

In order to completely kill all the domino processes, l would need to run the command "/opt/lotus/bin/nsd -kill"; sometime more than once.

Any idea what's going on? :-)
I have written a BETA startup script for Domino on Solaris. If you are interested, let me know this way you can check the script yourself.

As for `server -q' that *should* work, it works great here. Never redirect your `domino-in-console' it is not safe. Use `cconsole' instead.

mikecktAuthor Commented:
Hi Toshio

If you don't mind, yes l am interested in your beta startup script. Perhaps, you can email it to me at Thanks for help.

By the way, the command 'server -q' does work great as long as the command 'server > /dev/null &' is not started during the machine bootup. l don't quite understand your remark regarding the "redirect your 'domino-in-console'" & the 'cconsole' command. Is there any article in regard to the 'cconsole' command?

Thxs in advance.

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