Cisco 2900 http java login

I am trying to manage a 2900 series switch via http

I have downloaded the plug-in , and I am able to connect.

The problem comes in whe I am asked for a user name and pass.

I have set the en secret

I have read the Cisco lit. and I'm still having trouble.
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geoffrynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to review this doc.
login as "admin" with your secret password.  What errors are you getting?
sysvalAuthor Commented:
no error messages just constantly being asked for the pass:

I use admin
enter the pass

The screen starts to load...the bottom half (image of the switch) does not load.

I am continually asked for the user name and pass.
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What version of IE are you using?
sysvalAuthor Commented:
ver 6
56bit encr

Do you have the latest Microsoft Java VM installed?
sysvalAuthor Commented:
The resolution was:

I used a second switch to verify my first switch.

The second switch downloaded a monitor.jar (I think)
and a cm.jar file.

The first switch only downloaded a cm.jar.

After connecting successfully to the second switch I am now able to connect to the first switch.

Thanks for ALL comments.... I will award to geoffryn... although the info contained in the link did not solve the problem... it was helpful in eliminating targets.
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