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Hi. I decided a couple of days ago, while playing with the Gimp to get myself a graphic pen tablet. I looked over some online store, and found three models:
_ One model from CONCEPTRONIC. I looked over their website and found only one tablet, but it didn't seemed to be the right one. So I have no reference for this one, only that its price is lower than 100 euros. (That was acutally my criteria for this one)
_ The second one is from Digital Edge, for which some information can be found here :  actually it's the first site I found with some info for this tablet, I couldn't find Digital Edge's site, if they have one. Once again, the price made me add this one to the list.
_ Last, but not least, Wacom's Graphire 2.

Now the first 2 are cheap, and seem correct to me. I just want to get a hand on a graphic pen tablet so as to make Gimp usage more easy, I don't want it for professionnal reasons, let's say it's more for hobby and fun. But, I don't want to get a bad pen neither, therefore the 2 first choices don't really attract me. The other hic is the size of the graphire 2 active area which as I've read in many sites and was written by all of it's users is an inconvenient, but it still remains (as they say) a prefect choice.

Actually, what I would appreciate is your opinion on this subject, on the three tablets above if u happen to use one of them, and maybe some other propositions, knowing that I can't get my table from an online shop, and must therefore find it here, in Paris. So I would appreciate some piece of advice, but also some propositions that are affordable (let's say 100 euros) and easy to find.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, I always had problems with "advice" questions so as to the points I attibuted to them (zero) so I will give the 50 points to the most complete and satisfying answer.

Thanks a lot, again!!!

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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, the small size is a detractor but since youre not using it professionally and probably wont be creating high rez detailed airbrush renderings it'll be ok. If you were i'd say get the Intuos 2 9x12 but that's a $400 tablet.
In professional circles the only choice is the Wacom. Wacom enjoys pretty much unanimous support from all the major paint/graphics apps. They make a great product and their driver support is excellent. To be honest i've never even heard of the other two which either means theyre either new, or just dont stand up to the standards required by the groups i work with. Granted, youre not using it professionally but the graphire 2 isnt their professional line so i'd still go with the it.

(I've owned 2 wacoms now, both excellent tablets and never experienced any problems with either.)
aCpAuthor Commented:
I have indeed read such comments but won't the small size of the active part of the tablet be a problem ? I do think that I'll probably get the wacom pen tablet, better pay a little bit more and be certain I won't face any problems with it. Still, I remain open to any kind of suggestion or opinion, I would like to get a more general view.

Thanks again

aCpAuthor Commented:
I'll come soon back to give u the points weed, tomorrow normally I'll get my hands on my all brand new tablet... :)

See yah soon

aCpAuthor Commented:
Ok, I bought the table and it's great!!! Only little problem, Gimp for Windows has some problems with tablets, and I'm now looking for a solution...

Anyway, thanks a lot weed!!!

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