infra-red port

I want to make program which communicates with my cellular phone through an infra red port but i've encountered a problem, i couldn't find a good  infra-red interface or component which satisfies my needs.So here is 300 points for a link to infra red component.

More points are guaranteed for an information how to communicate with cellular phone through an infra red.
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SteveWaiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you not just read write the serial port IrDA using CreateFile() or one of many serial components?
I think that you can import the library of your infra-red . Try into Project , Import Library and search the list . Maybe you can find there something with infra-red or the name of manufactured hardware .
If the library exist (in the most cases is installed when add the hardware) just select it and then install .
f15iafAuthor Commented:
Sorry,there is no library which has infra red interface but i would be happy if you send me one ,and if it possible with documentation
f15iafAuthor Commented:
reasons for grade C:

1:I have asked for a component which communicates with infrared port i got no component.

2:I've asked for a protocol for communicating with infrared port but i only got an answer how to open\access the port.
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