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MSSQL occupying memory

I have a MSSQL7.0(sp3) installed in a Windows2000 server(sp2, 1GB RAM, Dual-processor PIII 700 Xeon). It is installed as default and there isn't fine tunig done. I realize that the MSSSQL Server process is occupying nearly 850MB of the RAM (from Task Manager), even though all application has been shut down and no one is accessing it, it looks like it is not releasing the memory.

And sometimes, there are blocking proccesses in the SQL and need to kill it else the application will hang up.

Why ? Is this related ?
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Racim BOUDJAKDJIDatabase Architect - Dba - Data ScientistCommented:

SQL Server is well known for the difficulty it has to deal with overhead memory process management.  Generally, the problem you are describing has the following common reasons:

   The data structure of your database creates too much redundant overhead data because it is not normalized enough.  In this case, there is not much to do except normalizing you structure.

   You have objects in your database such as triggers, stored procedures etc that mobilize too much unususeful
overhead.  For instance, if you mobilize entire tables at each itteration of a loop then you sould considertaking a look at you code and see if you can make it less rssource consumming.

   You have concurrent tasks (through jobs for instance) that create locks on data and do not allow tasks to run properly and unload from memory.  In this case, setting up some kind of task overall schedule will certainly help.

   The installation of the SQL Server corrupted some system files that do not do properly their job.  In this case, reinstalling the server is the solution.

  How long has it been since you last defragmented the machine the server runs on.  This may also be a reason why you have somme memory management problems.

Hope this helped...


If you do a default install of SQL7 it will use all the memory that is available on the machine, it is possible to limit the memory by setting the Max memory setting. What you should see on a default install is that SQL memory will start low and increase over time to either a level value or the 'max memory' setting. SQL is quite smart in that it will release memory if the OS is requested for memory (it starts releasing once free memory reaches less than 5% The behaviour you describe is not unusuall infact it is pretty much as I would expect. Depending on what else is running on the server you  may want to limit the memory that SQL can use
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