Cannot login via FTP

Hello all,

I am trying to login to RedHat 6.2 server via ftp but it is denying with the following error;

530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.

Redhat server is running with firewall (ipchains) and squid. I can login with telnet with the same account name and password.
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pheurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you do the security updates ? This may look stupid, but when you are hacked a lot of weird things may happen. And RedHat 6.2 without patches HAS security bugs in the FTP server (lovely wu-ftpd). If reinstalling the FTP server works it may be that (in which case you may wish to continue with a complete reinstall).

Radu-Adrian Feurdean
Brainbench Linux MVP
What login do you use ? root ? root is by default listed in /etc/ftpusers (list of users that are denied FTP access). If you use another user check first if it is listed in /etc/ftpusers.

Radu Adrian FeurdeanBrainbench Linux MVP
vatsasriAuthor Commented:

No it is not listed in ftpusers and this was working for all the users fine until yesterday. Suddenly it is not working.
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Is it only specific users? or all?
vatsasriAuthor Commented:

It is for all the users, I did even create a new user to check but still no luck.
Did you do a upgrade?  within ntsysv is FTP access activated, within /etc/hosts.allow is access activated?
vatsasriAuthor Commented:

Nope, I have not done any upgrade and hosts.allow file is blank and there is no any entry.
check /var/log/messages and post if any errors
vatsasriAuthor Commented:

I have reinstalled FTP and it is working fine. But still I am confused, why it was not working?
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