Routing problems with Dlink 804

I have got a ADSL connection with a fixed ip address.
I have got 3 pc's on my network which are connected to the internet via my hub/switch/router Dlink 804.
Getting onto the internet itself is no problem. But when I want to have a connection to the server that I installed on one of those 3 pc's it doesn't want to connect. I do not have a problem on the intranet.
I have used the configuration from Dlink. And it looks like it is pointing the right direction but it is just not letting the traffic go through. I have a firewall on the server but have turned that off to test out if it would work without.
The Dlink get the fixed ip address from my ISP and the DLink gives and local ip address to the 2 computers connected. (
I have tried updating the firmware but no result.
Anyone ran into this problem? Any websites with decent information on how to set it up other than what I already have done? Let me know if you need addition information as routing tables etc etc.
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When you mean connecting to a server, do you mean one of your other computers is being used as a server? How are you attempting to connect to them, mapping a drive letter to a share or just typing in a unc path?
Gareth GudgerCommented:
So you are trying to connect from another location, through the DLink Firewall/NAT device to the server? If so, what services on the server are you trying to connect to on the server? If it is a website have you opened inbound port 80 on your DLink and redirected to the IP addresses of the server?

If you know that all this is correct do you know what IP address your ISP assigns your DLink and (2) if they use NAT and filtering.
denharrowAuthor Commented:
yes mikecr. connecting to a server is one of my own computers running as a server. It is not necessary to map a drive since it will be a standalone server with a webserver (apache) and a ftpserver (warftp)
I have tried both seperatedly and on the local network I do not have problems showing the webpage of an apache installation and the main dir of the ftp server.
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denharrowAuthor Commented:
diggisaur. I am not really trying to connect from another location but I try to connect to that server from another computer on the network but by using the WAN ip address from my ISP.
The services I am running are HTTP and FTP at this moment.
And yes I have opened ports to that machine and redirected them.

In the configuration of DLink I have used specific application support and ticked out. http and ftp server.

This is what it instructs:
Basic Setup - Specific Application Support

Some applications require that ports are opened in the firewall of the DI-804. At the right is a list of common applications that require ports to be opened to function properly. Please note that these ports will be redirected only to the machine you are using to configure the unit right now. Please also note that most of these applications will only work on a single machine behind a firewall at one time. The common port(s) for the application will be opened.

Go to Open Ports if you wish to allow other applications not listed here to be accessed from the Internet or if you wish to redirect ports to other computers on your network.

Open ports are a security risk. Only open ports for applications that you use regularly. Do not open unnecessary ports.

And i have done as instructed.

The way I got things set up is like this.

Dlink 804--------------------------------
   |                |                    |
PC 1              PC 2                  PC 3

Where PC 1 is the one with the server applications installed.

DLink has ip
PC1 has
PC2 has
PC3 hsa

This is what it says when I telnet to the Dlink instead of using the webconfigurator

NAT Port Redirection Configuration Table:

Index  Service Name      Protocol  Public Port   Private IP        Private Port
 1     WebServer                6           80               80
 2     FTPServer                6           21               21
 3                              0            0                                0
 4                              0            0                                0
 5                              0            0                                0
 6                              0            0                                0
 7                              0            0                                0
 8                              0            0                                0
 9                              0            0                                0
10                              0            0                                0

Protocol: 0 = Disable, 6 = TCP, 17 = UDP

So it looks OK i would say. But fact is it doesn't work. I have reset the router several times. Only running the 'server' PC1 and configurated it from that pc only. Used the telnet configuration.

I would say that they use NAT and filtering. They have closed port 25. But I don't have problems with Yahoo Messenger sending files. And If i check on IRC I have got the WAN ip that I am also trying to connect through with the web and ftp server.

Hope this is helpfull

is the dlink providing ip's to the clients (dhcp)
if so, shut off dhcp and use static
enable dns, put in dns server ip's from isp
gateway is the dlink (
most cable / dsl router port forwarding does NOT work if dhcp is enabled on the router


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Gareth GudgerCommented:
Worked fine when I did it on a Linksys shep. But then I configured my server static as that is common sense and left everything else DHCP.
denharrowAuthor Commented:

I now turned off the DHCP on my router and put ip address on all 3 computers but alas to no avail.

I don't think matters but could it perhaps be my subnet?

My ISP is on subnet and my own network is on the usual
denharrowAuthor Commented:
Changed the subnetmask to
Didn't help.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
My ISP used 10.x.x.x with subnets and my Linksys provided 192.168.x.x with a subnet and I had no problems.

So you said you can connect to it directly but not with the ISPs IP address from within your personal network? If this is the case your DLink may see an access coming from a 192.168.x.x as a spoof and be blocking it. I would try from a remote location (friends house) and see if you can connect with your external IP.
denharrowAuthor Commented:

I have asked 2 friends who are not with the same ISP. Actually not even in the same country to check. And they both got Server not found. Page cannot be displayed. And they checked both my web and ftp server.

I changed ISP about 2 months ago and they sold this router with their deal on broadband. I had the same type of connection with the other ISP and had a borrow CISCO router from them and that wasn't a problem. And I doubt it is the installation as I did a new installation. First I tried with a Red Hat Linux 7.2 but I am a newbie there so I thought that might have been the problem. Now I did a NT4 Server install which I do have knowledge off.
post first 2 parts of isp ip
dont post full ip for your security
denharrowAuthor Commented:
Shep: WAN ip (ISP ip) is
denharrowAuthor Commented:
Good news and some more problems.

Both webserver and ftp server are accessible from the outside world.
I guess the dhcp configuration did the trick.
But I do have another problem. I want to run an eggdrop bot and that again in itself is not a problem but the dcc chat/send is. As you might be aware DCC send and chat don't pick just a prefined port. That is taken randomly and that needs to be answered back to the initiator.
I can telnet to it. But not dcc send and chat.

I will try and find some volunteer to help me out.
I will close this question and open a new one if need be.

Thank you all for helping.
dcc chat/send use random udp ports.
the linksys cbl/dsl routers alow 1 computer to be in what it calls DMZ (demilitarized zone), which forwards all non other wise routed traffic to the one comp. example, port 80 will go to web server, port 21 to ftp server, anything other will be routed to that one dmz comp. you will need a firewall on that comp as it will not be protected by advantages of nat. not sure if dlink routers offer this feature

denharrowAuthor Commented:
there is a DMZ feature on dlink but I do not know if it works at this moment since I haven't found a volunteer yet. I think it is a bit bothersome that I always have to ask someone else with this router.

Didn't have the problem with the CISCO router I had with the other ISP. Maybe I should have bought it from them. Too bad I already got this one :/
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