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Network Utilization

I was copying about 4GB of data through a 10/100 switch (both computers have 100mbit cards), and it was taking a long time. So I went into the task manager and looked at the network utilization and it was only using about 10-20%. Is this normal? if not, how do I increase this?

I am using Windows XP Professional. 1 computer has a NetGear, the other has a Kingston 110TX.

1 Solution
You can only move as fast as the connection is that is negotiated between your network card and the hub/switch. If you have a server or other computer on the other end that my be doing other things, it's resources can be hampered when attemping to copy/retrieve data. The numbers you are seeing are quite normal under XP. I would suggest that if you have a switch, you set the port speed to 100Mbit full duplex and the machine that you are copying from/to to 100Mbit full duplex also. This will increase your performance, however if you are using a hub you won't be able to do that. Also, make sure that there is nothing else running on each machine that could take CPU cycles away from the processor while it is attempting to shove data to the network card which will also help to increase your performance. But in the long run, 4Gbyte of data is a lot to copy by any means across a 100Mbit switched network and will take some time and resources.
One thing to disable is your virus scanner.  These normaly will inspect each file before allowing it to be copied.
Only if you want to increase LAN:
Log in as administrator
Go to Start  |   run and type           gpedit.msc
Go to computer configuration  |  administrative templates  |  network  |'QoS Packet Scheduler (left pane)
double-click 'limit reservable bandwidth' (right pane)    | enable  |  change bandwidth limit to read  %  0 | apply
OK, exit gpedit.msc

Now check the properties of your LAN Connection card and make sure that QOS is enabled.
(XP reserves 20% of the bandwidth for itself even when QoS is disabled)

The above is only for your LAN -
If you want to cruise the internet and get fast downloads (from the internet) you will need to increase QOS to 20% or above - or you will get a lot of "pages not found" errors.
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liebrandAuthor Commented:
Microsoft claims that changing the limit reserved bandwidth to increase bandwidth is a false statement.
> disable is your virus scanner.

yeah, disable everything detracting from speed.
But note that half duplex is 1/2 of full duplex
Note that you have packet overhead (bits) and OS overhead (time) to account for.
Note that ethernet is not guaranteed t-put. Everyone gets to talk at once. When they try to, then everyone must back off, for all bits are scrambled at that point.

General rule of thumb from networking TA is that over time, they view it as 20% good, and 40% as very good t-put.

Dump screen saver, increase time allocated to backgraound process, eliminate the virtual Ram area, to force the current work to remain in ram, there are many techniques, but not many that are that practical for general usage.

For general usage, stick to MS defaults.  Beware that one registry change, can get everything out of whack real quick, needing complete rebuild to get return to default config.
(assuming you check wires for errors.  There should be hardly a one detected. All cards should be set identical, and none on automatic, for that cuts into time big, all that looking and negotiating.)

You can try network monitor to view packet types during exchange, and for packaging, use alternative compression schemes to reduce on bits transmitted.
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