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I work for a small company that has 4 file servers (approximately a total of 80GB of disk space). I'd like to buy a seperate storage device that I can attach to my LAN to back up these servers, as well as any workstations on the LAN. I'm looking for some recommendations on what to buy.

Intel used to make something called the Storage Express, that would do this, but I don't think they make it anymore.

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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This depends on your budget.  I suggest as a good cost saving method to get a SCSI tape device attached to one of the servers (I assume at least one has an external SCSI connection).  Good backup software will backup over a LAN to a device attached to a given server.  Just pick the server with the least traffic and/or add another server-grade network card to it for the extra bandwidth of backups.

Also, 80GB is peanuts.  Consider adding a 100GB or more IDE drive to a server and using it.  Cheaper than tapes and faster, too.  You can also get network attached housings for IDE drives.  Maybe a pair of 100GB IDEs in a spanned RAID configuration.  200GB would be more than enough for incremental and historic backups as well as future expansion.

For example a pair of IDE drives in one of these:
Here is a list of wide variety of NAS enclosures:


Most come with piddly 20GB drives, though, and the ones that have decent sized drives cost a fortune.  That's why I recommend the Promise, which doesn't come with any drives so you can get those cheap and to your own size specs.

Keep in mind I only show CDW because they have a good selection and are very reputable.  Their prices are probably higher than other discounters.  Check with your favorite vendor.
ONYXAuthor Commented:
The reason for using a tape as opposed to using an IDE drive attached to a server, is that we take our tapes off site. Although right now a 20gb drive would suffice, we would probably outgrow it in the next year. So...perhaps something a little bigger would be good.


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1.  It is not attached to the server.  The thing is its own box with an ethernet port.  This fit the requirements of accessibility from all servers and workstations.  You didn't list off-site storage until now.

2.  I'm sorry I even mentioned the other manufacturer's models with 20GB drives.  Please read instead of skim.

Here is my recommendation for a tape drive:


I have used the 7 tape changer version and it is an excellent unit.  The link is for the single tape version.
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