Disable ctl+alt+delete (Windows 2000)

Is there a way to disable ctl+alt+delete while a VB app is running?

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BenBenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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look at


it refers to a site
Description: Disable Ctl-Alt-Del (2K)

good luck
CArnoldAuthor Commented:
I think I researched a link similar to that one in my quest for a solution.  It doesn't work with Windows 2000.  Nonetheless, your response and help is very much appreciated, mlmcc.

I've found code and registry settings for Windows 95 and 98, but I haven't found anything for Windows 2000.

Any more suggestions?

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Hi CArnold,
Have a look at this - I think it works all right.

Public Declare Function SystemParametersInfo2 Lib "user32" Alias "SystemParametersInfoA" (ByVal uAction As Long, ByVal uParam As Long, lpvParam As Any, ByVal fuWinIni As Long) As Long

Sub WinAppDisable()
Dim append As Long

'disables Ctrl+Alt+Del
append& = SystemParametersInfo2(SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, True, False, 0)
End Eub

Sub WinAppEnable()
Dim append As Long

'enables Ctrl+Alt+Del
append& = SystemParametersInfo2(SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, False, True, 0)

End Sub

Hope it helps,
You just can't do it!

ctrl alt del (CAD) is a Secure Attention Sequence, you KNOW that, on a 2k sys, when you press CAD that you have the attention of the OS. This prevents someone from getting you to enter a password into a trojan CAD screen.

So, there is no real way to have your VB program dissable CAD.

Now, technically, if you modify the GINA dll (the thing that does the login screen, and the CAD screen) you could dissable CAD when your VB program was running. However, the replacement GINA would have to be made in C++, and if not done correctly would really screw up the system. I know of no open source examples of a GINA dll. To find out more about GINA, take a look at this:

CArnoldAuthor Commented:
   You answer is the most substantive one I've recieved thus far.  I have only tentatively rejected your answer in order to keep this question open for more input.  If I do not receive an answer contrary to yours before Friday evening, I will award you the points.  Please place a comment (any comment will do) so that I can award the points to you if the answer I'm desiring does not surface.  Thanks for your help!

   I've attempted your proposed solution without desired results.  :(
   Looks like Win2K is a hard nut to crack.

CArnoldAuthor Commented:
Looks like your answer was the best one!  I'm still looking into making my own GINA dll file.  I had a quick question, for you or anyone else that may be capable of answering...

I'm assuming that the GINA file is "officially" considered a system file.  I attended a Microsoft's Windows 2000 debut conference where the speaker introduced Win2K and displayed some of the new features of the operating system.  One of these features was a safety feature where Win2k would not allow you to delete or write over any system files.  (The speaker demonstrated this feature by deleting the "Recycle Bin" and then going into the Windows Explorer to show that Windows denied deletion of the Recycle Bin).  
Will Win2K allow me to replace this system file?  

Thanks for the link.  
CArnoldAuthor Commented:
Thanks, again!
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