PHP4 Apache and win 98

Have downlaoded & installed 64mb package from nusphere.Seemd to install ok.
When I browse to my php script in htdocs n apache, i get a blank screen.

Html files show up in htdcs but not my php script.
Any help please?

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MoondancerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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What are you trying to view ?

Make sure you have started Apach.

Then open http://localhost in browser.

Does it show Nusphere sample page, it ?

Then just create test.php in htdocs folder.

And then try http://localhost/test.php It should show PHP env. variables.
astollerAuthor Commented:
I create test.php
I set Apache running
I type http://localhost/ in ie5
I get:
Connect  or Stay offline
I choose Connect & I get:
Work offline
I choose Work offline
Browser then defaults to http//:www.msn and I cannot get to localhost.

Following your suggestions I Set up browser as a LAN with
Internet options/connections/setup

New internet account?
I select Lan and connect via Lan (not a modem)

Then I get
Use aAuto
Manual path
I leave all unchecked.
Email? No

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You always keep me wondering....

Can you first get your internet connection settings right from someone ??
Ditch nusphere and install them separately.

You get instruction on how to install with PHP
At least download and install apache from the site above.

Running apache on windows 98 you must manually start apache every time.

Once started open http://localhost and you should get an apache test page.
What you mean by Ditch Nusphere.

I think he is struggling with this problem for quite some time now and I definately think it has nothing to do with Apache , PHP etc. Its something else.

Nusphere just package PHP, Apache and MySQL together to make it simple to install and use! well it doesn't seem to work so I say ditch them. Do the job properly and install them seperatly.
Thats what I am trying to say.

He has previously done without Nusphere. Now with Nusphere. He tried lot of things. But if you really look at his other questoin you would realise that he is having problem with his internet connection settings rather than Apache, PHP or anything.

Looking at loaclhost should never try to connect to the net. The problem is with apache.

My suggestion is to install the stand alone package from
Who says that ??? That is idealism speaking.

When he tries localhost, his IE is asking him to connect and he doenst do so, and he chooses work offline and then nothing is displayed.

Right click on the IE icon on the desktop and choose propeties. Click on connection from the top menu. At the bottom of the box is a section on LAN, make sure it auto checks for lan connection.

You don't need any connection to the net for loacl work. If it asks to connect then Apache isn't working or not loaded.
Yeah, you don't need connection that is true. But you would have to tell IE that thing.

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