Installing proper IDAPI.CFG or IDAPI32.CFG file for network paradox install

Hi all,

I am looking for a clue using installshield express to do a network paradox install: that is, my BDE should point to a network location.

The standard installshield setup allows me to point the alias to the proper location, but I can't seem to get it to point the NET DIR to the right location in the native paradox section of the configuration and likewise I can't seem to get LOCAL SHARE set to TRUE.

That is, using Installshield, it points to the right place, but the rest of the configuration doesn't change, NET DIR is always C:\ and LOCAL SHARE is set to FALSE.

I'm checking out a few other installers in the meantime, but if somone could clue me in, I would appreciate it.

Leo aka Oneeye
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AloneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See help for DbiGetSysConfig function (BDE Help)
If program what are you trying to install properly is your and it uses BDE, don't use alises! Instead of them put TDatabase onto your form/data module and set all required properties manually.
If user want change database settings, make special options dialog, like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer settings ;-)
oneeyeAuthor Commented:
I can see how I could go in and put the explicit path in my data modules, but I have multiple copies accessing the same database from different machines: How can I make sure the net directory and local share are set for future deployments?

Those settings are not in the alias section, they are in the native paradox settings and in the settings/init section, on the second tab of the BDE administrator.
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Oh, sorry, mistype :( DbiOpenCfgInfoList
oneeyeAuthor Commented:
I actually ended up doing a registry entry that pointed to a server based idapi32.cfg...

Much clunkier than I wanted, but good enough.
oneeyeAuthor Commented:
The Tdatabase is a good idea, of course, it wasn't
there back when I was learning the language the first
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