re-connection to mysql (suggesstion)

how is mysql api for php configured..

i want to open the database a couple of time in my long script(php file).

-whether i should open it once i keep it open through out the script

-or re-connect & then disconnect each time
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andrivConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would Maintain the connection.
How long between connects, if it's a matter of a couple seconds leave open. If it's long periods of time then close.

Leaving it open reduces overhead but leaving open for a long period of time is a security concern.
sjehanzebAuthor Commented:
the file is about 700+ lines but not all of it is process caz they are function although it show about .3 to .4 sec avg loading time on my iis(winxp) AMD 450Mhz
no prblm in keeping connection open...

sjehanzebAuthor Commented:
i have given average answer so the any user can get the answer with cheap point
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