Do I need Samba??


I dont know Unix.

I just got a contract to move a database from Unix to SQL Server.

I want to do this via ODBC (connecting a Windows Desktop to a Unix DB server)

Do I _have to_ configure Samba??
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festiveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could do the following to help determine what the UNIX
system is running (in terms of Databases):

The following command will show you all running processes:
ps -eaf | more

The following command will show you all listening ports
netstat -a | more

If the system is solaris then you could try:
pkginfo -l | egrep -i "sql|database|oracle|ingres|postgres"

or linux:
rpm -q -a | egrep -i "sql|database|oracle|ingres|postgres"

Hope this helps,
No you don't need Samba for this. The Unix database does need to provide ODBC connectivity or you'll need to add an ODBC server to the Unix box, perhaps unixODBC (
aaronkempfAuthor Commented:

ill grant points after verifying.

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What database is the Unix box running?
aaronkempfAuthor Commented:
thats the clincher.

i dont know whay db its running.

i already asked that as a different question..
The particular DB and flavor of Unix are the important issues here. Some DB's (Oracle, Postgres, etc) have, or can have, a built in ODBC capability. If the ODBC capability is already present it's simply a matter of locating and installing the client ODBC driver on a windows box. However, if the DB doesn't provide ODBC connectivity the problem becomes more complex. In some cases it's simply a matter or installing the native ODBC component, or re-installing the DB S/W with that component. In other cases it's necessary to install an ODBC server that contains native support for that DB.

Samba doesn't have anything to do with ODBC connectivity. Samba is simply a means of providing authentication, file, and print sharing services for windows clients. It won't help in any way if you are looking for an ODBC conncetion to a Unix hosted DB.
aaronkempfAuthor Commented:
cool thanks for the explanation.

im sure ill be asking another question about odbc soon...
aaronkempfAuthor Commented:
cool i like that last comment.. thanks a lot...
I am on a cool path, still a question on Samba is very well thought out. Once database is found, its data can be moved to flat files ( bypassing ODBC ) and moved very efficiently to SQL Server.
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