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Newbie mail question...What do I have to do to have my own mail server in win2k server?  I though SMTP did it, but I guess that's not an actual mail server.  I want to host some domains and I want to also host their e-mail.  What 3rd party software do I need and where should I start?  I can't just use SMTP to do what I'm trying to do, can I?  Thanks!
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AvonWyssConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To answer your questions:

* With your current setup, you cannot use Outlook to *get* mail.
* No, you don't have a mailstore software.
* You do have what it takes to send mail.

You can find mailstore software (POP3 and/or IMAP servers) from free to very expensive on the net. YOu can for instance browse the list at davecentral,117 - you'll find all sorts of mail server there, keep looking for POP3 or IMAP.
W2K server includes an email server, i.e. the SMTP service.

No 3rd party software is needed either to host web sites or email.  W2K server has everything you need.

What problems are you having with the W2K SMTP service that keeps you from doing what you want to do?
GorGor1, you have to understand that there are different koind of mail servers. The most important one is SMTP, which does handle the relaying of messages. And this one is shipped with Windows 2000. It will allow you to relay messages to other domains.

If you want to have POP3, IMAP or web access for mails, you need to have another piecce of software for that which is not included in Windows 2000. Note that these protocols do not send email messages, they merely represent an interface to a message store. The message store, however, is being delivered with email through SMTP.

One possible solution, if you want to stay with Microsoft, is to use the Exchange server software. But there are many other solutions for email handling, some of which are even free. For instance, has quite some in their list.
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GorGor1Author Commented:
short version: I don't know how to set it up.

long version:

I have 2 domain names.  I'm just trying to get one to work right now.  I made the default Domain in the 'Default SMTP server'.

Under properties, I set the IP address to my main IP address of my WAN NIC.
Access control is Basic authentication ONLY and I created a user in Win2k.
In security, I granted that user permissions to use the service.

In DNS, for my first domain, I added the MX record for and an A record for  I also included them in the reverse lookup.

To test it on the local machine (the acutal server machine), I setup MS Outlook.  I setup the POP3 server as and the SMTP server as  I put in my username and password.  When I try to connect send/reveive mail, it says that it is "Unable to connect to the server".  It's pretty much telling me that it isn't a POP3 server.  I can ping the fully qualified domain name of the server, so I'm pretty sure it isn't a dns problem.

Any ideas?  Need more info?
Hi GorGor1,

I assume you are talking about having an Internet email server. In that case, the DNS you are talking about has to be available to Internet - so not just setting up your own Windows 2000 Server, but rather a DNS server authoritative for the domain name you purchased.

The SMTP service is used (as sais) to relay messages between servers. However, for you to receive email, you have to have an Internet MX DNS record pointing to a permanent IP address.

If you are talking about an internal network setup, I apologise. In that case, I'll just wait for the answer.
GorGor1Author Commented:
Yes, I already have the dns setup as authoritative and it exists on the internet.  It's a real zone that exists on the internet.  That should be all set up correctly unless I screwed up the MX or A records that I listed above.
GorGor1, have you even read my comment?
GorGor1Author Commented:
AvonWyss...Yes, I read your comment.  I don't know that much about mail servers.  Does this mean I can or can't use Outlook to get mail?  Do I have what it takes to allow people to log in and get their mail?  Do I have what it takes to allow peope to log in and send their mail?  I don't have enough background in e-mail to know what I need or don't need.  I just want people to be able to use outlook or outlook express to check their mail.  If they can, then I can make my own interface on the web using Perl for them to check their mail.
GorGor1Author Commented:
I found software called VPOP3 through a PAQ.  To do several domains, do I need '1 user' or unlimited?  The difference is from $20 to $650
VPOP3 sales page
has prices here:
But I have not found information about multi-domain hosting of VPOP3. You may want to content them if you feel this is the product of choice for you.
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