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Stdout/Stderr of a Process

Posted on 2002-04-01
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I want to access the ouput of a command executed within a Process.  The command that I'm looking to capture the output from is:

cmd /c cd /d D:\eclipse\workspace\ANT && cvs -d :pserver:deployer@mitnick.ugs.com:/cvs commit -m warfile D:\eclipse\workspace\ANT/cvsworking/CSS/Resources/Log4j.xml

Basically, I'm extending the ANT CVS task so that I can parse the result and find out what the new version number of the file is.  

Heres a code snippet:

  if (project != null) {
    project.log("Execute:CommandLauncher: " +
                            Commandline.toString(cmd), Project.MSG_DEBUG);
  return Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd, env);
Question by:nixj14

Expert Comment

ID: 6910196
Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd, env);
InputStream in = p.getInputStream();

the InputStream in is the output (Stdout) of the process.

Accepted Solution

Igor Bazarny earned 50 total points
ID: 6912230

Didn't you try into Ant exec task source? :)
Besider, exec task can write output into ant property, so you simply need to parse property. I add my substitute task soource, so you can use it to extract version using regexp:

<taskdef name="substitute" classname="ee.ant.Substitute"/>

<exec executable="cvs" dir="D:\eclipse\workspace\ANT" os="??(my guess that this way it will work almost anywhere)" outputproperty="cvsout".... >
    <arg line="-d :pserver:deployer@mitnick.ugs.com:/cvs commit -m warfile
<substitute value="${cvsout}" style="regex" match="match the version number" replace="\1 (or other regex group number)" toPrperty="version"/>

Igor Bazarny,
Brainbench MVP for Java 1

-------- Source of Ant task Substitute

package ee.ant;

import java.util.Vector;
import org.apache.tools.ant.Task;
import org.apache.tools.ant.Project;
import org.apache.tools.ant.BuildException;

import org.apache.tools.ant.util.regexp.RegexpMatcher;
import org.apache.tools.ant.util.regexp.RegexpMatcherFactory;

public class Substitute extends Task{
    private RegexpMatcher pattern = null;
    private static final String STYLE_PLAIN = "plain";
    private static final String STYLE_REGEX = "regex";

    private static final String OCCUR_FIRST = "first";
    private static final String OCCUR_LAST = "last";
    private static final String OCCUR_ALL = "all";

    private String match = null;
    private String replace = null;
    private String value = null;
    private String toProperty = null;

    private String occurence = OCCUR_FIRST;
    private String style = STYLE_PLAIN;
    private boolean protect = false;
    private String protectOpen = "{{";
    private String protectClose = "}}";
    private boolean help = false;

    public void setMatch(String value) throws BuildException {
        match = value;

    public void setReplace(String value) {
        replace = value;

    public void setValue(String value){
        this.value = value;

    public void setToProperty(String value){
        toProperty = value;

    public void setStyle(String value){
        style = value;

    public void setOccurence(String value){
        occurence = value;

    public void setProtect(boolean value){
        protect = value;

    public void setProtectPrefix(String value){
        protectOpen = value;

    public void setProtectSuffix(String value){
        protectClose = value;

    public void setHelp(boolean value){
        help = value;

    public void execute() throws BuildException {
        if( help ){
        if(getProject().getProperty(toProperty) != null){
                "Property \""+toProperty+"\"  already assigned, substitution blocked",

    private void putProperty(String key, String value){
        if( value != null ){

    private String replace(String source){
        if( STYLE_PLAIN.equals(style) ){
            return replacePlain(source);
            return replaceRegex(source);

    private String replacePlain(String source){
        return replacePlain(source,false);

    private String replacePlain(String source, boolean findNext ){
        int pos = occurence.equals(OCCUR_LAST) ? source.lastIndexOf(match)  : source.indexOf(match);
        if( pos < 0 ){
            if( !findNext ){
                    "Value "+value+" doesn't match pattern "+match,
                return null;
                return source;
        return source.substring(0,pos)+replace
            +( occurence.equals(OCCUR_ALL)
               ? replacePlain( source.substring(pos+match.length()), true)
               : source.substring(pos+match.length()));

    private String replaceRegex(String source){
        if( pattern == null ){
            pattern = (new RegexpMatcherFactory()).newRegexpMatcher();

        try {
        } catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {
            // depending on the implementation the actual RE won't
            // get instantiated in the constructor.
            throw new BuildException("Cannot load regular expression matcher",e);
        if( !pattern.matches(source) ){
                "Value "+value+" doesn't match pattern "+pattern.getPattern(),
            return null;
        return replaceReferences(source);

    private void checkAttributes(){
        if( match == null ){
            throw new BuildException("match is not set");
        if( replace == null ){
            throw new BuildException("replace is not set");
        if( value == null ){
            throw new BuildException("value is not set");
        if( toProperty == null ){
            throw new BuildException("toProperty is not set");
        if( !STYLE_PLAIN.equals(style) && !STYLE_REGEX.equals(style) ){
            throw new BuildException("Only "+STYLE_PLAIN+" or "+STYLE_REGEX+"allowed as style");
        if( !OCCUR_FIRST.equals(occurence)
            && !OCCUR_LAST.equals(occurence)
            && !OCCUR_ALL.equals(occurence) )
            throw new BuildException("Only "+OCCUR_FIRST+","+OCCUR_LAST+" or "+OCCUR_ALL+"allowed as ocurrence");

    private void printHelp(){
        getProject().log(this, "Task performs plain or regular-expression substitution"            ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "in the value attribute and places result to the property"          ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "specified by the toProperty attribute. If match is not found in"   ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "the source string, then it's written to the target property as is" ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "Supported parameters:"                                             ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    value          value to process, required"                     ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    toProperty     property to store result, required"             ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    match          value to serrch or regular expression to apply, required"             ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    replace        value to substitute in place of match or regular expression"          ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   with group referenses: \\0(whole match), "        ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   \\1, \\2 etc., required"  ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    occurence      one of "+OCCUR_FIRST+","+OCCUR_LAST+" or "+OCCUR_ALL+", identifies"   ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   way to handle multiple occurences of the search pattern"              ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    style          one of "+STYLE_PLAIN+" or "+STYLE_REGEX+", identifies search and"     ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   replace method, default is "+STYLE_PLAIN                              ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    help (boolean) way to get this message. Nothing is executed, no argument" ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   checks performed"                                          ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    protect (bool) turn on to protect \\ characters in portions"              ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "                   of match, default is off"                                  ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    protectPrefix  start marker of protected portion, default is {{"          ,Project.MSG_INFO);
        getProject().log(this, "    protectSuffix  end marker of protected portion, default is }}"            ,Project.MSG_INFO);

    private String escape(String source){
        StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
        for( int i=0; i<source.length(); ++i ){
            char currChar = source.charAt(i);
            if( '\\' == currChar
                || '/' == currChar )
        return buffer.toString();

    private String protect(String source){
        if( !protect ){
            return source;
        StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer();
        int processed = 0;
        int start = source.indexOf(protectOpen);
        int end = source.indexOf(protectClose,start);
        while( start >= 0 && end >= 0){
            processed = end+protectClose.length();
            start = source.indexOf(protectOpen,processed);
            end = source.indexOf(protectClose,start);
        return result.toString();

    private String replaceReferences(String source){
        Vector v = pattern.getGroups(source);
        int startMatch = source.indexOf((String)v.elementAt(0));
        String beforeMatch = source.substring(0,startMatch);
        String afterMatch = source.substring(startMatch+((String)v.elementAt(0)).length());
        StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer();
        for( int i=0; i<replace.length(); ++i ){
            if( replace.charAt(i) == '\\' ){
                if( ++i < replace.length() ){
                    int value = Character.digit(replace.charAt(i), 10);
                    if( value > -1 && value < v.size() ){
                        result.append((String) v.elementAt(value));
                    // XXX - should throw an exception instead?
        return result.toString();

Author Comment

ID: 6919425
I apologize that it took so long for me to get back to this, but its been project deployment week.  This response is definitely what I needed.  Have you thought about submitting this Substitute task to Apache?

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