My Documents bugs me

I would like to have the open file dialog box default to the folder of my choice as opposed to Windows choice of “My Documents”. How do I do this? Please something more than edit the registry.
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this can be done easily .
In Word select Tools -->Options -->File Location and modify the documents (double click on it)
In Excel select Tools -->Options --> General and modify the Default file location (type the new location)

Joel MillerDevOps EngineerCommented:
This can of course be done as described above and as I can see from your other posts, you do not want to manually change the registry. The best way to achieve this however is to use a Policy.
I am under the impression that you would like to do this for either Office 2000 or XP. If this is the case, then your solution is easy.
In a Windows NT 4.0 Domain, you use System Policy Editor and add the adminstraive templates (.adm files) from the Office 2000 Resource Kit Tools. You can then make a computer or user policy using the option that from the Office 2000 Administrative Template. Save this policy as config.pol on the Domain controller under the NETLOGON share.
In a Windows 2000 Domain, you will use Group Policy, right-click on Adminstrative Templates and choose add/remove templates. You can then navigate to the directory where the administrative templates are stored and add them. You can then change the settings for the applications as you see fit.
Each application - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc.. has a policy setting to allow you to change the default document save location.
If you open up the properties of My Documents you can point it to anywhere you want. All office products will automatically point to that location unless they are modified by Mishou's method above. I use this method on my users so that they don't accidently save important documents to their local hard drive. I have it pointing to their network p:\ drive.
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Joel MillerDevOps EngineerCommented:
I think I may have overstepped myself and figured that you were in a domain situation. If you are, then my proposal will work for all users in the Domain and work best for changing setting for all users in the Domain or just selected users.
Otherwise, if this is just for your computer, then either Mishou or oricks' answer will work the best for you.
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