symbol referencing error

hi experts,

i've made a program in .c ... and i've compile it with gcc 3.0.3 (on solaris8). i've got this error :
"ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to a.out"

i think it's because the compiler (ld) can't find the library. how can i tell gcc to search the library on specific path?

btw i only install the gcc3.0.3 for solaris8, the binutils i'm not install it. is it ok with that ??

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I'm not familar with gcc 3.0.3, but AFAIK it's still alpha.

Sounds like it produces object files which cannot be linked with Solaris' bundled ld. You need to use gcc's ld to link programs.

     gcc -v ....

to see ho and which linker is called.
de_epAuthor Commented:
after doing some exploring (from your suggestion) i found this :
when we compile a source code to become an execute file, acctually in behind gcc do several steps, compile .c file become .s file, and then .s to .o, later link .o to execute file. i want to ask u, when compile from .c to .s actually what file do gcc need? i mean is there other file than .h file? and how about from .s to .o? also from .o to execute?

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Corrected here... with thanks.  :)

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thanks for being gentle
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