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Multiple FTP Sites with one IP address

Is it possible to setup multiple FTP sites
for multiple domains in IIS 5 and have
users only be able to access their
assigned directory? All of the users
would theoretically access the server
through one IP address on the common
FTP port 21. I haven't been able to figure
out if there is a way to do this.

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1 Solution

You can only have 1 FTP site per IP BUT, you can have virtual FTP directories under this FTP site. You can then use NTFS permissions to designate directories to users so they only can access the directories assigned to them.

There is a trick whereby a user logins via cmd ftp to their virtual directory bypassing the root if the Login and the Virtual Directory name is the same.

Hope this helps.
reason100Author Commented:
If I setup an FTP virtual directory will I be able
to specify that when a particular user logs in
via FTP they will be placed into their directory
by default?

YEs you can under your FTP site create diffrent Virtual directory and give the users access the specific directory as well as dedicated virtual directory with  assign the Disk quata also.
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reason100Author Commented:
I setup a Virtual Directory and gave the user NTFS permissions to the directory. When I tested logging in
the default directory was the root ftp site's directory.
I want the user to be placed in the directory they
have permissions for upon login. Any ideas on how
to do this?

Thanks for your help
reason100Author Commented:
Well, I didn't get a complete answer here but I decided to give pssiew the points since they answered first and were

I found that you need to create the virtual directory with exactly the same name as the username who will be using the directory. When you login with that account it will default to the correct directory.

Thanks for your help guys!
aka reason100
We were glad to be of help to you.
Cheers !

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