Default XP Rights

Lets say I have a NT domain called ntdomain and a XP notebook with a machine name of xpmachine and a login name of newuser.

Are the following statements correct?
I can login with newuser to either xpmachine or ntdomain and they are completely different logins with different desktops.

If I want to logon to xpmachine with the username newuser the username newuser has to exist on the local machine.

If I want to logon to ntdomain with the username newuser the username newuser has to exist on the NT domain.

If I only want to login to ntdomain then the username newuser does not have to exist on the local host.

So finally the questions?
If I logon with the username newuser to the domain ntdomain and the username newuser does not exist on the local domain I can still access the loca C: drive. I must have some sort of default rights, what are they.

Is this a security hole? Can I create a bogus NT/2K server connect this notebook logon to the new domain and see portions of the local harddrive not knowing any usernames or passwords of the local computer?

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pjknibbsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All your statements are unquestionably correct.

As for the questions: the default rights for all files outside Documents and Settings are either read/write or read only for EVERYBODY who successfully logs on to the laptop, regardless of how they do it (apart from possibly some system-accessible files in the Windows directory). In Documents and Settings there is a separate folder for each user who has ever logged on to the machine, and these folders are set up so ONLY that user has rights to them. Therefore someone who just created some sort of spoof logon could not read some other user's personal files.

However, this would not be a security hole anyway, because in order to join the XP laptop to your "spoofed" domain a user would have to have local administrator rights on the laptop--and if they've got that anyway, what do they need to fiddle around with domains for? They already have access to everything on the machine!

I'm not sure of the answer to your second question--it might be possible using group policy settings. You can take a look at these by doing Start->Run and typing GPEDIT.MSC in the box.
davidpmAuthor Commented:
Oops one more question.
If this is a notebook and sometimes the user is network connected and sometimes not do I really need to keep two totally seperate desktops and manually sync them every?
How do you set it so either way he has what he needs?

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