Soft Focus filter

Anyone know where to get / how to create a "soft focus" effect?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Gaussian Blur? VERY lightly.
From what I understand from your question you can use filter >> Blur to acheive the soft focus effect you would like.  Play around with all the available blur options.  I think Smart blur would be more effective to acheive your task.
PaulKorzyckiAuthor Commented:
I've played around with the blur settings, but it doesn't seem to give the effect that I want.  I'm looking for the effect the photographers get using a special soft focus lens, like in the fashion photos.  I thought there may be a special filter specifically for that.
You do have to be subtle with blur but basically it does the same thing a soft focus filter does.
PaulKorzyckiAuthor Commented:
I guess I have to play with it, or perhaps the pictures that I'm starting with don't yeild the results I'm expecting.  Thanks for the input
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