Additional Function not showing up.

Hi Experts
 I have been trying to add my own User Defined Function to Crystal 8.5 with no success.  I have compiled my VB code as a dll and placed this dll in the WINNT\Crystal directory and registered it. At this point I would expect it to be visible under 'Additonal Funtions' in Funtions in the Formula editor.  We have been able to do this in verions 7 of Crystal but ever since we upgraded we have not been able to get it to work.

Here is my VB code.  It is one I found off of Crystals web site.

Option Explicit
Public UFPrefixFunctions As Boolean

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
  UFPrefixFunctions = False
End Sub

Public Function DateToString(date1 As Date) As String
     DateToString = Format(date1, "Long Date")
End Function

Does anyone know what I am missing?


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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I didn't add any references or components.
Here is what it defaulted

The Project Properties
General Tab
project type  -  ActiveX DLL
startup object - (none)
Project name - cruflTraining
Upgrade ActiveX controls - checked
Threading model - Apartment Threaded

Make Tab
Application Title - CRUFLTraining
Remove information about unused ActiveX controls - checked

Compile Tab
Compile to Native code - selected
Optimize for fast Code - selected

Component Tab
Project compatubility - selected
cruflTraining.dll in the text box

Project References
VB for Applications
VB runtime objects and procedures
VB objects and procedures
OLE Automation

Project Components
Designers Tab
Data Environment
Data Report

I assume since you have done this before you are naming the dll correctly.  It must be CRUFLxxx.DLL.

BrightonAuthor Commented:
Yes.  The program listed above is compiled and registered as CRUFLTraining.DLL in my WINNT\Crystal directory.
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What name are you looking for in the Additional Functions List.

CR renames your function.  As a guess look for


BrightonAuthor Commented:
Yes, I was expecting to see TrainingDateToString or something with Training or even DateToString in the name.
I have looked at all the additonal functions and none of them are even close to what I was looking for.
I just created an ActiveX DLL using your code and compiled it in VB.  I compiled it to my library directory (not windows\system) and CR recognized it immediately.

My first attempt didn't work (wouldn't compile) but when I started from a fresh project it did.

Suggest you create a new ActiveX dll project, add a class module, then type in your code and make the dll and see if it is rcognized.

BrightonAuthor Commented:
I redid the DLL as you suggested but still no luck.  Is there a reference that needs to be check in VB?

BrightonAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  It appears to be case sensitive. Once I changed the project name to lowercase and recompiled it worked but that doesn't make sense.  Why just changing the project name and nothing else make it work?  Thanks Again.
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