war dialer protection

I've set up an internet broadband terminal and set profiles so that nothing can be downloaded.

My problem is that every time i check the system i find in the PROGRAM FILES/DIALERS folder a file called:-


how is this bypassing norton antivirus and presonal firewall?

I delete the file and associated files but it always seems to return.

I have also found another dialer called:-


which is directly on C: drive.

I've found they are WAR DIALERS, also called DEMON DIALERS or SCANNERS.

Anybody any idea how i can protect the system from these files inserting themselves on my system?

I,m using I.E. 6

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cheekycjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, but restricting the ones that can access the internet prevents you from allowing the download and install of such software.  For Example, I limited my SW firewall to only allow IE and windows networking services to access the internet.. any other software was denied access.  Now IE will not just download and install sw.. it will always prompt.. so that prevented any such issues on my system.

what personal firewall are you using? ZoneAlarm?

Check out various personal firewalls here:

IMHO, a hardware router with a built in firewall is much better.  I bought a Linksys router with a firewall and set it up and haven't had any problems yet.  I used ZoneAlarm before that.

sledgeAuthor Commented:
I'm using norton firewall 2002
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I haven't used Norton firewall.. does it let you restrict which programs have network/internet access?

sledgeAuthor Commented:
It does let you restrict programs accessing the internet but it does not stop them getting on the system.

If you have a couple of these trying to access the net it can slow the system down quite a lot.
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