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FTP file link association gone funny !

Yesterday I clicked on an ftp link sent me in email and it opened IE6 and went to the ftp server. ( I use windows 98)

 Today however, I tried using an old FTP program called W95FTPCOM.exe PRO version,  which was once supplied free with Demon Internet services on my old W95 machine. It got accidentally copied over to my new machine.   I ran it like an idiot, and now every time I click on any FTP link this old FTP program opens and connects instead of IE6 doing it.  There is no uninstall supplied with the old program, though there is an ini file.  It doesn't appear on the ADD/REMOVE list in Control Panel so I am wondering how I can stop ftp address links being associated with this out of date program.

I can't find ftp links in the file association lists either.
1 Solution
Have you tried running Repair IE?  Find it in the Add/Remove Program list (should be listed as Microsoft Internet Explorer), select it, click the Add/Remove button, then when you are given the option to Repair rather than uninstall, choose that...
Norton Utilities can help in situations like this.

try this. boot to dos, and from the prompt type
scanreg /restore
and choose a date before this happened
note the space between scanreg and /restore
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LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
I'd like to divide these points between 2 but I don't think we are allowed to do that.  LeeTutor's Repair IE is a function I never knew Windows 98 had.  Always thought it was only there for adding or remove - why doesn't windows call it ADD/REMOVE/REPAIR programs in the list. Microsoft ought to get the prize for champions at hiding things when they could be upfront about them.  They had so much practice on Windows they then applied it even more in WORD!

I'm not sure if LeeTutor's trick really cured the ftp problem because just before I read your solution I found the ftp type files in the FILE TYPES list it's called URL File Transfer Type. I had forgotten that an ftp link is in fact a URL just like http or www is.  So I re associated File Transfer URL with IE6 and the wrong association went away - Then did the REPAIR anyway.  

Thanks also to SteveLewis for the ScanReg Restore one. Again I had no idea we had that facility in W98 - I had been led to believe it was a W2000 Millenium and XP exclusive.  Anyhow I have to award the points to the first come first served.  So LeeTutor gets it.  Thanks again to all for your help.
Well, Laurie, it looks like you really solved it yourself. And both of us learned something.  I hadn't known that there was a URL File Transfer Type in the File Types list until you mentioned it and I looked for it.  (I had previously looked in the Registry for it, and didn't find it.  Maybe it's there somewhere and I just missed it.) Glad to be of help in contributing to your knowledge of Wndows... By the way, the next time you want to split points, here is how you do it:

You can split points on questions, however you need the help of Community Support to do so. What you need to do is post a zero point question in the Community Support area by clicking on the link for Community Support near the top left of the Experts-Exchange web page, in the EE Community section.  In the question you need to reference this question number, who you wish to split the points among, and what point values to assign, then Community Support staff will do the rest, normally by reducing the original point value of this question to allow you to post new questions for the other experts.
These questions would be titled points for whomever and paste the question's  url in the comment block so the expert would know what it was about.

LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Thank you Lee - That's one for my technical tricks drawer.
I'll print that out and use it later. It's always difficult with questions like the one I did above because
SteveLewis and pleasenospam both provided some tips that I didn't know - OK indirectly related to my problem and in themselves very useful to know.  I don't think I'll split the points this time because your help was a bit more comprehensive than theirs - also SteveLewis's registry restore tip should have included a bit more information such as what format you write the DATE in... 08/04/2002 or 08:04:2002 or 04:08:2002 the American way or what you do when the registry looks all messy and things go peculiar on you etc..  So thanks for your help all three.  I'll try to give you another question soon.  Anyone good on B.I.O.S. settings?

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