Best sites for upgrades.

Well, I suppose the title say's it all, but to elaborate I would like to have a listing of SOLID providers(quality merchandise, good return policy, etc...) of the stuff we tech's need to replace components.
Such as RAM, CPU, video cards, sound cards, HD's and other prominent replacement parts.
As a side note, maybe also sites that tech's should avoid!!

Thank you!!
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I use and for my hardware.  If you want a good place for reviews and prices try
pallidinAuthor Commented:
A truly oustanding list of providers from my reviews of your selections, jlauster, and I will await further comments for the heck of it.
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I also use

I love the way they keep you informed by providing the status of your merchandise via email.  
mwave was great until I had to return something, then they were complete jerks.  I won't use them anymore.

"listing of SOLID providers"

If you want solid in capital letters, charges a bit more than others but for reliability, especially ease of returns, you'll have a really hard time beating them.  (Hmmm, maybe this is just because my company orders boatloads of gear from them and they want to keep us happy.)  CDW is the superwalmart (selection, not prices) of mailorder computer houses.  You can get everything computer related from laptops to multimeters to bulk cable with a pack of do it yourself connectors.  So, this depends on your budget whether you use them.  You get huge selection and no hassle service but you pay for the convience.
I, on the other hand, dislike CDW with a passion because they are higher in price and I got burned by them once upon a time.  Once burned, some people will never send business that way again.
pallidinAuthor Commented:
Everyone is giving really great info. Allow me to wait just a bit more to see if there are other comments as well.

pallidinAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... this was a hard call. Excellent comments from everyone!!
After all reviews I found slink9's comments to be important in two ways. First, I have to agree with his suggestion of vendors. Then, he offered an opinion of a site to avoid based, of course, on his own expierience.
Thanks to all.
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