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Outlook 2000 data to Lotus Notes

I need to export data from a Custom Outlook form to Lotus Notes. The data is to be a new Notes document. Currently exporting data to Access which is then exporting to an Ascii file which is manually imported into Notes. I want to automate process from the Outlook/VBA/VBScript side. Using Access currently as data is added to Outlook data from an Oracle based Helpdesk system.

I don't have Notes and have never used notes, so any help would be very much appreciated.
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Hello vbmds,

from this your question and from your answered Outlook question is not completely clear what basis you now have and which direction you want to go, sorry.

Can you please explain in more details what your starting situation is.
Also important is which way you like to go, because there are always several roads to Rome :-)

From your two questions and from your EE member name I read that you do not plan to dive deep into Notes :-)
I suppose you prefer to do it from anywhere in Visual Basic and use Lotus Notes COM. This is possible.
But to make things less complicated for you and for experts involving in this question give please this answers:
1.) Where is the process initiated for this Outlook form (on Outlook or anywhere else)?
2.) Does this Outlook form lookup anywhere data while user is filling up its fields?
3.) Why do you have to switch from Access repository for Outlook form data to Notes?
4.) Has Access to be used parallel when Notes is form data repository?
5.) Do you in any case have to lookup or deposit data to Oracle?
6.) Can you send parts of your code to experts by email? My address is zp@arcor.de :-)

Waiting for your answers.

So long,
One very important additional info.

You can not send data to Notes server without locally installed Notes client. Every workstation sending data to Notes server has to have an user.id

Of course you can do it simple and send it as mail Carbon Copy from Outlook to a Notes MailIn database. This would be the easiest and best path for all involved parties. At receiving time in Notes mail in database, you can start further processing in any direction or simply store received documents :-)

vbmdsAuthor Commented:
Thanks zvonko for your posts. I'll try and answer your questions to me.

Firstly, the 2 questions I have asked are unrelated.
Secondly, I am a remote contract programmer for the company causing me ask these questions. No-one within the company has a clue which is why I'm asking the questions.

Choice of products: The company uses MS Exchange/Outlook for its Email system. Lotus Notes is used as a Document Store for the Help Desk. Oracle is the Helpdesk application platform.

Currently my custom OL2K form is sent to external customers who fill it in and send it back. Currently the company open the reply, cut and paste into Excel and then import into Notes. They want to automate the import process. Reports are then generated. The Notes guru of the company knows nothing about MS Office Automation, and I about Notes.

I have brought Access into the picture to provide a Proof of Concept. That is; that we can get data out of a custom Outlook form.

So, basically, I want to replace Access with Notes, and ideally would like to do this using ADO...but can it be done.

The solution will be run on Workstations with Notes and Outlook installed. However, the company can not provide me with Notes to play with.

Hope this helps.
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Ok, very well.

Now is the picture complete for me :-)

Please send me your adapter between this Outlook form and the Access database. I can rewrite it to do the same to Notes database.
We can refine it later where this database has to be; locally or on Notes server. This is not a big difference for Notes.
Can you send me your code you used for concept proves?
I will paste afterwards all relevant information for other experts.

Send your zip with the Outlook form I can apply to my Outlook and the scripts (not the executables :-) for interchange between Outlook and access.
Send it to: zp@arcor.de

So long,
Thanks for the Outlook form.
The investigation of it will take some time.

So long,

I have sent you the firts release of the StoreNotesDoc procedure.
Tell me how it works for you so I can publish it here on EE...

So long,

At the end of this you will beg for 300 pts right ?

vbmdsAuthor Commented:
Thankyou Zvonko. I am demoing the process next week and so will post the outcome here. It looks good, so we can but hope.

Point taken Arunkumar, I was also thinking in the same vain.
vbmdsAuthor Commented:
Cheers Zvonko for the help. Your code seems to whats needed.
Thanks for the feedback :-)
Oh, still no code here...
Could you please post a customized version for the EE community, please :-)
vbmdsAuthor Commented:
Here is the final version of the code. This code is contained in the VBScript of the custom Outlook form.

Sub StoreNotesDoc()
'VB Script code for Export form
'Exports Outlook data to a Notes document, using VB Script
'Written by Zvonko Paunoski 8/04/2002
'Last modified 23/04/2002 by Mark Sollitt
'The data used by this sub is contained in the variables starting with 'db'
'The Notes database path has been left incomplete due to commerically sensitive nature
'of the real path to the company this sub is being used by.

  Dim domNotesSession
  Dim domNotesDatabase
  Dim domNotesDocument
  Dim domNotesItem

    Set domNotesSession = CreateObject("Lotus.NotesSession")
    Call domNotesSession.Initialize("lotusnotes") '// let empty string to allow user to enter password
    If Not (domNotesSession Is Nothing) Then
        Set domNotesDatabase = domNotesSession.GetDatabase("", "<path to database>/Survey.nsf")
        If Not (domNotesDatabase Is Nothing) Then
            Set domNotesDocument = domNotesDatabase.CreateDocument
            If Not (domNotesDatabase Is Nothing) Then
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("Form", "Survey")
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("jobID", CStr(dbJobID))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("answer1", CStr(dbQ1))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("answer2", CStr(dbQ2))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("answer3", CStr(dbQ3))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("answer4", CStr(dbQ4))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("remoteuser", CStr(dbNTUser))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("username", CStr(dbSDUser))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("comments", CStr(dbComments))
                Set domNotesItem = domNotesDocument.AppendItemValue("org", CStr(dbCompany))
                Call domNotesDocument.Save(True, False)
            End If
        End If
    End If
    Exit Sub
End Sub
Thank you Mark, now everyone knows my full name :-)

It is no problem for me, but until now only my buddies here knew my name :-)

Thank you also for the points and grading :-)

Until next time.

See you,

vbmdsAuthor Commented:
Sorry Zvonko, did not think. I was suprised that you asked me to make the code paste as I thought you were going to take care of it, and so did it in rush. Now that you mention it, my full name is in there as well.

You are welcome and I think certainly earned the points and Grade with all the work I had you doing to get it just right.

vbmds (Mark)
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