Customize msgbox-liked function

I want to show a mdiChild form and will be modal to another mdichild form and just modal to that form. I mean the form will function like msgbox function so that the next process can not continue until clicking the "OK" button of the msgbox.
How do I make a form like the msgbox function?

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MayaOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems that what you want its to disable/lock the parent window while the child window is open, beeing both windows MDIChild, but whidout lock other MDIChild... right?

Whell this code should do that:

'This code in the parent window
   dim frmChild as Form

   set frmChild = new Form
   set frmChild.parent = me
   let me.enabled = false

'this code in the general (module level declarations)
'section of the child window
Public parent as form

'this code in the query unload event of the child window
let parent.enabled = true
set parent = nothing

Its very important to set the public variable "parent" in the child window (with the reference to the parent window) to nothing in the query unload of the child window or else the child window never really unload (you can verify this with a debug.print "child unloaded" in the terminate event of the child window)
Use the vbModal parameter when you show the form.  Please note that mdiChild forms can not be shown modally, so you will need to have two copies of the form, differing only in their MDIChild property settings.

frmChild2.Show vbModal
falconewAuthor Commented:

I need the form only modal to a specified form. I don't want the form modal to all forms including the MDI form. It is like the msgbox function modal to the form that calls it.

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Not a problem as long as it isn't defined as mdichild=true
falconewAuthor Commented:
Have you tried it yourself. I have tried it and it is modal with all mdichild form including the MDIParent form.
falconewAuthor Commented:

Your trick is good but I have a litle problem when implement this. When the child form is shown and the parent form is disable, I need the parent form visible in the menu window list not the child form.
Any other tricks?

Sure... just edit the caption of the menu with apis (put the parent window caption)

you can look this class as a start point about it


Search the page for the text "M.C. Menu Voodoo"
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