Printer Problem

Hi..when i ping one of printer, i
got this reply;

$ping star1

ICMP Host Unreachable from gateway
 for icmp from ( to
ICMP Host Unreachable from gateway
 for icmp from ( to
no answer from starprn

 i did the ping from,
 it seems that there is a network
 problem from ---> starprn.

 any helps is greatly appreciated.
 sun newbie
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ismahwatiAuthor Commented:

$ping starprn
We need your network settings.

What is your subnet mask?
How are the two subnets connected (or is it a netmask?

Can you ping the printer from within it's own subnet?

how does your route table looks like ? (netstat -r)
ismahwatiAuthor Commented:

 $netstat -r

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------   U        1    605  hme0          U        1      0  hme0
default         UG       1   7422
localhost   localhost             UH      162535100  lo0  

  1) my PC subnet mask :

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base on your subnet we can see that the two ip addresses belong to two different network segments.

Sending ip traffic one subnet to another requires a router (or bridge). Data send from within your 190.254.31.x subnet can be seen by any address in the range upto

Data sent to subnet 190.254.46.x will use the system as gateway.

Does the ping to your printer work on the this system?
This systems (31.33) is this a router? or a system with two network cards?

(may be stupid question, can't you configure the printer within the same subnet as your systems? Does it need to be in a different subnet?)
You can route to the other net on your own system by faking it as a router.
Use  route add net 0

Put this command in the inetsvc startscript to make it a static route. You also need to do this on all the other system on this subnet.

The only problem is broadcasts and multicasts, these will not travel across subnets.
ismahwatiAuthor Commented:
the subnet problem has been solved
by the network guy.

 now, when i try to cancel any print
 job , i got message;

  'could not talk to print service at starprn'

 i can ping the printer. (alive).
 in have try to lpshut and lpsched the print server
 but still not okay.

 any idea??

I assume you dont filter packets between networks but how did you solve the netmaskproblem ? Is there a router faking this route that maybe dont allow all kind of traffic ?

On the printserver, run
snoop "yourhostname" starprn
and see if the cancelrequest reaches the server.
At the same you can see if and what the response is.
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