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Measurestring size of text with propertional spacing


I need to be able to calculate the size of a text string in pixels, given the font and fontsize.

It seems there is a MeasureString function in VB .net - but I need to do this in VBA in an Excel sheet.

Does anyone know the solution to this?
Is there one embedded in VBA - or do I have to go into the win32 API market ??


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1 Solution
Ryan ChongCommented:
Ho corlin,

Get the Font Size of a column in an Excel worksheet?
Ryan ChongCommented:
If it is then try this:

On Error Resume Next
    Set appExcel = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
    If appExcel Is Nothing Then Set appExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    On Error GoTo 0
    appExcel.Visible = True
    If Dir$(myExcel) = "" Then
        MsgBox "Unable to continue loading!", vbCritical, "Error!"
        On Error Resume Next
        Set wbExcel = appExcel.Workbooks.Open(myExcel)
    End If
Set WSheet = wbExcel.Worksheets(myWorkSheetName)


Msgbox WSheet.Cells(i, 1).Font.Size 'Use this

Set WSheet = Nothing
    'wbExcel.Close True
    Set wbExcel = Nothing
    Set appExcel = Nothing

Is this help?
corlinAuthor Commented:
Hi ryancys,

no not the font size - but the size(width) of a text string with a font type and size.

text: "iiii"
font: Arial
fontsize: 12 point
result: 16 pixels wide  <--this is what I am looking for

text: "wwww"
font: Arial
fontsize: 12 point
result: 46 pixels wide  <--this is what I am looking for

I hope this shows what I am looking for

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Use "TextWidth"

From  help in vb6....

TextWidth Method

Returns the width of a text string as it would be printed in the current font of a Form, PictureBox, or Printer. Doesn't support named arguments.



The TextWidth method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Optional. An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list. If object is omitted, the Form with the focus is assumed to be object.
String Required. A string expression that evaluates to a string for which the text width is determined. Parentheses must surround the string expression.


The width is expressed in terms of the ScaleMode property setting or Scale method coordinate system in effect for object. Use TextWidth to determine the amount of horizontal space required to display the text. If string contains embedded carriage returns, TextWidth returns the width of the longest line.

TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Well it is easy enough in straight VB6 but in VBA it is a bit more complicated.
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Here is a possible API solution as there appears to be no inbuilt VBA functions that wrap these:

Private Declare Function GetTextExtentPoint32 Lib "gdi32" Alias "GetTextExtentPoint32A" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal lpsz As String, ByVal cbString As Long, lpSize As Size) As Long

Private Type Size
        cx As Long
        cy As Long
End Type

Private Declare Function GetForegroundWindow Lib "user32" () As Long
Private Declare Function GetDC Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Long

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim ts As Size
    UserForm1.Font.Name = "Arial"
    UserForm1.Font.Size = 12
    Debug.Print GetTextExtentPoint32(GetTheDC, TextBox1.Text, Len(TextBox1.Text), ts)
    MsgBox ts.cx & vbLf & ts.cy
End Sub

Private Function GetTheDC() As Long
    Dim Ret As Long
    Ret = GetForegroundWindow()
    Ret = GetDC(Ret)
    GetTheDC = Ret
End Function
corlinAuthor Commented:
Hi TimCottee,

seems like you are on the right track - but there is missing something (or maybe I am:) ).

I have tried your code snippet (created an userform with a txtbox) - but when changing the font size results doesn't change.

Am I missing something.

I think that you want GetTextMetrics instead.  Here is the VB Sample, but you might have to use part of Tim's sample to get the DC if it's not available as a property....

Private Declare Function GetTextMetrics Lib "gdi32" Alias "GetTextMetricsA" (ByVal hdc As Long, lpMetrics As TEXTMETRIC) As Long
        tmHeight As Long
        tmAscent As Long
        tmDescent As Long
        tmInternalLeading As Long
        tmExternalLeading As Long
        tmAveCharWidth As Long
        tmMaxCharWidth As Long
        tmWeight As Long
        tmOverhang As Long
        tmDigitizedAspectX As Long
        tmDigitizedAspectY As Long
        tmFirstChar As Byte
        tmLastChar As Byte
        tmDefaultChar As Byte
        tmBreakChar As Byte
        tmItalic As Byte
        tmUnderlined As Byte
        tmStruckOut As Byte
        tmPitchAndFamily As Byte
        tmCharSet As Byte
End Type

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim RC As Long

RC = GetTextMetrics(Me.hdc, X)
Me.Print X.tmAveCharWidth
Me.Print X.tmMaxCharWidth
End Sub
corlinAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

I'm still looking for the solution - both TimCottee and mdougan's gives me the same result when changing the font size!

I'm increasing points - I really need this one solved :-)
Actually, I changed the fontsize and I got a different set of values.  I'm going to guess that you changed the fontsize of a textbox or something, but passed the hdc of the form....

I changed the Font Size of the Form when I ran my tests.

Hi corlin,
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    Split points between: TimCottee and mdougan

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