Migrating from HPUX to Solaris

We are in the process of moving our server from HP to Sun.  In our current server, we have a lot of applications running including Oracle.  I am in charge of moving the applications and testing them.  We will be moving the development server first and then the production server.  The SAs will move the users and user directories to the new server.  We need to install all the software.

My questions are:

1. What is the best way to go about this?  
2. Some of our colleagues are suggesting creating the same applications on the new server with a different name.  Like, Oracle database will be called ORA_NEW.  Is this the best way to go about it?  I thought that, we can move as ORA itself. The issues here are, we need to change all our scripts to the new server and when we move that to production, we need to change them back.
3. Any specific issues as we are moving frm HPUX to Solaris?
4. Any pointers to some whitepapers/documents on the web for such moves?
5. I was voting for a day downtime and move all the applications to production.  But they want to have a minimal downtime.

If you have done similar projects, please share your knowledge.


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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi abidiv,

   if I were you, I would try to maintain the same structure as I can, eg, use the same dir name for the apps.
this will minimize the need for change of the scripts.

   I would install all the application on the new server first, then try to copy the data accross and do the testing, to make sure eveything in working order before putting the new one online, at this stage, you might find some of your script written for HP-UX no longer work on Solaris, you need to modify the script (the syntax/commands to make it work for Solaris, this should be too hard, but need TIME !).

   Have a look at the followings, to see if anything usefully for you:

unix guide:

HP-UX -- Solaris quick reference guide:

   Good luck!
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