Snap to guides in Illustrator 9?

Is there a setting in Illustrator 9 that lets you snap to Guides, and if possible set the snap sensitivity?

I know it's possible for Smart Guides, but I can't find it for normal ones.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just use smart guides and drag from the center anchor points.
As far as i know, you cant. Guides will snap to objects, but objects wont snap to guides. You can use the grid however and that does allow for snapping.
Mark_OttowAuthor Commented:
The problem with the grid is that it's snapping my object from the corners. I want it to snap from the objects centerline.
Any idea how to do that then?
Mark_OttowAuthor Commented:
Have some points... It's the best answer I'm gonna get. :D
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