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Automate Generate Crystal Report


Does anyone know how to automate to generate the crystal report with data and then save it to crystal report format or html format or excel format or text format?

I knows that crystal report able to export the crystal report to other supported format by click on the button when viewing the report.

My question is, is there a way not to allow user click on those button? Meams, automatic generate the report?

Urgent matter need your expertise and ideas and solutions!


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1 Solution
If you are refering to the export icn on the CR viewer, you can make it visible or invisible from VB.

If you are using the ActiveX control you use the following

  CR_Report.WindowShowExportBtn = False

To automatically generate a file you can do something like this

Public Sub print_File_from_View(txt_Report_File_Name As String, _
                            txt_Rec_Select_Formula As String, _
                            txt_Disk_File_Name As String)

    cr_Rpt.ReportFileName = txt_Report_File_Name
    cr_Rpt.ReplaceSelectionFormula txt_Rec_Select_Formula
    cr_Rpt.Destination = crptToFile
    cr_Rpt.PrintFileType = crptWinWord
    cr_Rpt.PrintFileName = txt_Disk_File_Name
    cr_Rpt.ProgressDialog = False
End Sub

PrintFileType can have many different values depending on what convertors you have loaded. (Excel, text, CSV, etc)

good luck
ht055Author Commented:
Hi mlmcc,

thank you very much for you reply as i was waited for a day!!!!

Based on your solution, my have question for your clarification.

1. Is the user need to click on the export icon in CR viewer? I don't want user to click on any icon to export the file. Which means end of the month, the system auto generate the report without user involved.

2. You public function does the automation generation of report?


Yes it will automatically generate the file.  In fact we generate the file and then e-mail to the customer.

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ht055Author Commented:
ic...so you had done the automate the report generation project. That good!

Appreciate if you could show me an working example code (full) to automate the report generation.

The mark definetely is for you!
Basically what I gave you is a full example.  There are a couple of declarations and then the components you must add.  I'll try to find it tonight otherwise I'll add it at work tomorrow.

Here is an example from Crystal.  You may find it useful.  I'll still provide what i have.


ht055Author Commented:
hi mlmcc.

Thank you very much.

You can send to ht055@hotmail.com

Thanks again!
Unfortunately my application is much to large to send and is very database specific (MS SQL) but here is a documented excerpt from the code with the required references.  This will create the report in a file ready to be opened by the application  It ispossible to have the application started from VB after the report is complete and open the file.

Add the following component to the project
Crystal Report Control

Add the following references to the project
Crystal Reports 8 ActiveX Designer Design Time Library
Crystal Reports 8 ActiveX Designer Run Time Library
Crystal Reports 8 Standard Wizard Library

On the MDI form or a form used to print the report add the following


‘  Create a Crystl Report object  - uses the ActiveX control

Dim WithEvents cr_Generic_Report As CrystalReport

Behind the Button or in a procedure add the following code to print to the file

‘  Set the report to produce.  Must unclude the full path, filename and extension

    cr_Generic_Report.ReportFileName = “c:\Database\Reports\My_Report.rpt”

‘  Allows changing the WHERE clause of the query

    cr_Generic_Report.ReplaceSelectionFormula “{view_rpt_My_Report.id} = 5”

‘  Where do you want the report to go
‘     File               crptToFile
‘     Preview          crptToWindow
‘     Printer               crptToPrinter
‘     Mail               crptMapi
‘     MS Exchange          crptExchange

    cr_Generic_Report.Destination = crptToFile

‘  If you are going to a file what type and the file name
‘     MS Word     crptWinWord
‘     MS Excel     crptExcel50
‘     Text File     crptText
‘     RTF File     crptRTF

    cr_Generic_Report.PrintFileType = crptWinWord
    cr_Generic_Report.PrintFileName = “c:\my_documents\my_report04022002.doc”

‘  Display the progress dialog box

    cr_Generic_Report.ProgressDialog = False

‘  Execute the report


‘  Reset the Crystal Object – allows printing multiple reports

good luck
ht055Author Commented:
hi mlmcc,

would test out the your code.

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