BIOS settings to cure jumpy screen motion

My problem concerns settings in the BIOS which need to be changed to prevent jumpy motion on the screen when using things like the ultra smooth-motion screen saver Aquarium which uses DirectX 8.

Sometimes when running this fish screen saver the fish make little jumps in their motion but sometimes they scroll around smoothly.   The same thing happens in MotoRace game where the whole screen will freeze motion for a split second, about a quarter of a second.

A friend who helped set up the OS on this windows 98 machine did tweak it to prevent this, but he's away at present. Now the interrupted motion has returned after some time. It began when I upgraded to latest drivers  
for the screen (Matrox I think).

It's especially noticable after using the PC for a while and then testing the screen saver - I'm sure it's a simple value change needed but I am all at sea with the BIOS - any experts out there who can fathom this one?
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you wnat to see if it is actually a setting of the BIOS or a Windows setting, you can do a CTRL-ALT-DEL and End Task on everything except for Explorer and Systray.  Now let it go to screen saver.  Does it jump?  Probably not.  If that is the case, you have something running in the background which is causing it.
I would suggest ditching that screen saver altogether.  It takes up too many resources from your system.
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Slink9 that's a good course of action. I closed down everything which is a bit of a rigmarole and normally what I do before a Scan or a Defrag.  It did work. It stopped the fish from going into spasms but I presume I could find out if it was just one thing running that caused it?  But I'm sure I can cure it by bios settings the way I did before.  I don't know why the bios has altered back - not been done by me - maybe it isn't the BIOS.   I don't use the FISH aquarium as a screen saver I only use it to demonstrate to people how brilliant DirectX 8 is when used on a PC with a decent memory.

I never normally run savers, I switch the VDU off if I want to save electricity - even though it powers down automatically after 1 hour untouched.  

I think I will still hold out for anyone who can suggest what BIOS settings I could tweak to make it smooth again and if nobody does, I'll give you the points.  Thanks
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
By a process of elimination I shut down one thing at a time and tested the FISH. The culprit turned out to be a thing on the task bar called DragDiag.exe which is a data stream monitoring thing that came with Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL Modem.  

It has a blue crabshell icon in the tray and I can shut that down on it's own.  I have no idea why I would need it since I have a utility called NetPerSec I can run when I want to monitor IO down the Broadband connection.  So That looks like the cure.   Though it doesn't explain why the jerky motion stops if I reboot. On a fresh boot up all the things are running in the background anyway.  But after the PC has been "doing things" for a half hour, the jerky motion on the fish returns when I test it.  MYSTERIOUS PC!!
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