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  My son was messing with my computer last week while I was away.When I started it up, I noticed that the icons in the bottom right hand corner are now miniscule.They are barely big enough for me to click on.Also the minimise,maximise and cancel buttons on each window (top right hand corner) are also miniscule.Is there anyway of resizing these?There doesn't seem to be anything in display options.

Thanking you
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into themes and select the Windows standard theme.  Does that make the desired changes?
Now change it to a theme that you want.  Did the changes stick?  If so, it is fixed.
in the display properties, got to Appearance tab
there select item as "Icon size" somewhere in the middle of the page . generally it is 32 or higher
change it
That changed the desktop on mine but did nothing with the icons on the system tray.
Right-click on the task bar.  Left-click on Properties.  Is Show Small Icons checked?
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thewingAuthor Commented:
No this does nothing for the icons in the corner or the minimize or max buttons.I already tried these options.No other ideas?

Changing the theme and then changing it back might work unless that is your current theme.  If you like your current theme you can go to display and then under item change the size of the caption buttons and it will change both the size of the minimize, maximize and close buttons as well as the system tray icons.

... and that would seem to be the direct method to getting this fixed.
maybe he set the resolution up from say 800x600 to 1024x768  or higher and selected large icons other words check resolution settings in display    set it to 800x600 and use small icons
have you tried scanning for viruses?
thewingAuthor Commented:
That did the trick, but I'm worried now that a virus might have caused the resizing in the first place, but my scan came up clean.strange.
I would suggest scanning every week at
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