How to determine internal names for attachments?? (web)

Dear sirs,

  how can I determine the internal name of an attachment, that was attached from the Web?


The reason, why I am asking is the following: if I attach to files (into two file upload controls) with the same names or, if I attach a file that contains some characters, that are "not allowed", then

  Domino creates an internal filename for the attachment :-(

When I want to create a link to the doc, i cannot use$FILE/myFileName.doc?OpenElement

and I should use$FILE/lotusInternalFileName/myFileName.doc?OpenElement

instead of that.

But how to determine the internal filename from forula, lotusscript or whatever???


Hope somebody can help me :-)

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Create a computed Field Called AttNames (MultiValued), and default value set to @AttachmentNames. This will store all the internal names of the attachments.

Is this what you are looking for ???

The Help Document says,

Note  If more than one attached file has the same name, the URL includes both the "internal" file name as well as the external name. Since the internal file name is not easily determined, make sure all attached files have unique names.

Well... are you facing this problem ?  If you have unique filenames then you probably wont need the internal file name at all.
This guy did something by re-attaching the files.  You may try them...

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Doesn't it say so in the properties filed for the attachment ??? wich is wich I mean.
aegressyAuthor Commented:

  I'm sorry for answering so late - that problem wasn't the highes priority in the last few weeks and I forget this question...

  Your answer is correct, You are right, the @AttachmentNames returns the internal names for the files and I'm going to accept your proposal.

  I only would like to ask You, how can I determine actually the 'User friendly' name of the file, that Domino is attaching to the document? I need it to create links for the files and the user should be able to see, what was the original name of the file he attached.

  I think this is not a critical problem, because I can copy them from the file upload controls using a JavaScript, but I would like to know if it is possibble somehow purely with 'Notes-resources'?

Thanks for your patience.
aegressy, I've spent time posting follow up requests to your open and "forgotten" questions here and taking closing actions when no response.  PLEASE remain active in your open questions here and respond to the Experts who help you with results when you get our Email Notifications.

It'll help to keep this link handy to navigate through your open and locked questions here to manage them.  Perhaps add to Browser's link toolbar, Favorites or Bookmarks.

Thanks you,
Moondancer - EE Moderator
Notes-resources, No. You have to go with javascript as you said.
Your response and finalization of this, aegressy is very much appreciated.  Big smile...from
:) Moondancer - EE Moderator
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