how do i set up win95 on my laptop

i have a older "compaq contura 430 c" , and it had win95 on it when i got it.
but i had to reformat the hard drive.
i have copyed all the win95 files on to the hd.
when i run setup i get this error.
""setup found a compressed volume or a disk cache utility on your computer. Quit setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compression software or remove the disk cach utility.
then run setup again.""

i dont know if there is a disk cache utility or what.

thank you

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is there any run any disk compresion utility in your hdd like drivespace?

since you initial intention is to install a fresh new win95 OS. i suggest that you reformat everthing. you can obtain a bootdisk from to perform formating.
You must boot from a floppy disk with no memory management running.  Make a standard boot floppy, boot from it to a DOS prompt, the nwork your way to your setup program and try it again.
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I want to add this:

I would not use Win95 on the lap top. I would find Win98SE and go with that.  Also, you may have to get the drivers for things like your sound, and video.  This depends on what hardware is in your lap-top.

If Win98SE is out of the question, then go ahead with your win95.

If you didn't copy all of your win95 files, or win98 if you go that way, to a sub directory like c:\windows\cabs\
you might wantto do that so the files stay out of the way, yet will be available should you want to modify the configuration.

Win98Se will know better how to deal with the hardware in your lap-top. Depending on how old of a copy of Win95 you have, it can be a real challenge to get it to work the way you want without a lot of tweaking, and patching.

Good luck on which ever way you go.
Since you didn't say what version of Win95 was on the HD or what version you was trying to install, then I beleive you should look at the link that Steve posted. That may solve your problem.
Did you Fdisk before formatting?
It sounds like you may have had drivespace invoked especially since it is a little old. You need to bootup with a bootdisk and run fdisk and report back what option number says you have. You may find the harddrive isn't very large and this needs to be considered to get you running. Also beware that you have a partition, whereas, its a compact that is controlling your setup into cmos and be careful as if you mess this up then you will have to download that application unless you already have it, this can put you dead in the water if you don't watch out. :>) Dave
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