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Hi People,

i am hosting my own small site at home, i am on a LAN, with an internal IP address, to start my domain, i need to start a VPN connection to that will assign me an External IP address, lets say for example, then this becomes the IP of my site, still easy !!

is there ANY WAY, that i can get this VPN connection automatically started as a system service ??

i need this connection to be ON all the time, even if i log off, or if the system gets restarted at night after a power loss, i want it to be automatically restarted without me logging in a starting it !!

Or am i returning to the linux variant ?? ;-)
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1 Solution
I would look into an automation program that will automatically log you in on startup. Any good scripting language can do this.

VB, WSH etc




 http://www.hiddensoft.com/AutoIt/   No auto-record - uses scripts

http://www.mkssoftware.com/eval/.  unix like automation and script tools

Mouse automation
Win/Dos scripting
Scripting tool.
Phantom scripts and EXE files can be created

I hope this helps !

   Rebol scripting language (www.rebol.com) lightweight cross-platform scripting language. Automate anything you want   on your system.


neostudioAuthor Commented:
Hi SysExpert,

you will need to excuse me, because what i am looking for is not the automation proccess starter, i am also a Delphi developer and i can write my own utility to start the connection .

I am asking if there is a way i can invoke the kernel or any other dll to automatically start the connection, well in windows 98/ME it is done like this..

rundll32 rnaui.dll,RnaDial "My-Connection-Name"

BTW ))

how dose windows 2000 server handle persistent VPN connections at all, i just cant get it, lets assume this VPN connection i have is here to insure the work of a router, do i have to be here all the time to start it ??

the matter is that it is started as a user and not as a system service, this is the bad aspect here, and i want it as a system service !!

any more ideas ???

PS >>
Thanks for the great links, i learned a lot from them, and BTW) again, update your bookmarks, some are already inactive !!

I Hae a VPN going into work using a third party client. It has to be run manually also.

Not all programs and services can be setup the way you want.

You may be able to do something with the win2k Resource kit. Srvany program
From: schmiegu      Date: Monday, September 25 2000 - 09:55AM EDT

                     This information applies to apps installed as service with srvany.exe, but maybe it applies to other services as well:
                     AppDirectory: REG_SZ C:\WorkDir
                     In Services, click the service, and then, in the Startup Parameters box, type the full command line required to start the application, and include the
                     /D switch, as in the following example:

                     /D C:\\Tmp D:\\Tools\\Vi.exe C:\\Tmp\\FOO

                     You must type two backslashes (\\) in order to specify a single backslash (\).

Leave a copy of the backup program running in the background. Backup should poll the tape drive
     periodically looking for media changes, and should help media changes be recognized prior to the
     real scheduled backup job running. You can use the Srvinstw.exe Microsoft Windows 2000
     Resource Kit program to install the Srvany.exe tool, and then permit Ntbackup.exe to run as a
     service hidden from view.

     Install the Srvany.exe Tool as a Service

          1.Copy the Srvany.exe tool included in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit to the
               %SystemRoot%\System32 folder on your computer.

          2.Start the Srvinstw.exe program.

          3.Click Install a service, and then click Next.

          4.Click Local Machine, and then click Next.

          5.Type srvany under Service name, and then click Next.

          6.Locate the %SystemRoot%\System32\Srvany.exe file, double-click the file name, and then
               click Next.

          7.Click Service in it's own process, and then click Next.

          8.Click System Account, and then click Next.

          9.Click Automatic, and then click Next.

         10.Click Finish.

     Configure the Srvany Service to Run Ntbackup.exe as a Service

          1.Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe) to view the following key in the registry:


          2.On the Edit menu, click Add Key..., type Parameters for the key name, and then click OK.

          3.Click to select the Parameters key, and then click Add Value under the Edit menu. Enter
               Application for the value name, and use a data type of REG_SZ.

               NOTE: Make sure you specify the full path to the NTBackup.exe file. Srvany.exe does not
               load the program if you use the %SystemRoot% variable in the path. For example:

                         HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SRVANY Application:
                         REG_SZ: C:\Winnt\System32\Ntbackup.exe

          4.Quit Regedt32.exe.

          5.After you shutdown and then restart your computer, backup starts as a background service.
               Ntbackup.exe should be running and be visible in Task Manager under the Processes tab, and
               permits backup to poll tapes looking for media changes.
I hope this helps !

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neostudioAuthor Commented:
Please Excuse Me SysExpert,
but this was not the thing i am looking for .

I found a function in the kernel32.dll called
RASNodeActivate('X', Y, Z, D);

x- the connection name
y- start after y seconds
z- weather or not to use auto disconnect
d- number of retris before failing

i found it on some site about undocumented Win2K function o\n geocities if i remember, i implemented it and everything is working fine !!

i might need to delete the question, if needed i can post you a 50 points question for the great links you provided !!
Fine, no problem.

I'm glad you got this resolved !
Points refunded and moved to PAQ

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