Need HELP with Address Bar in win 98se

Some how, my Home Page address has been over taken by a site that I do NOT want.
I am running win 98 SE. I have repeatedly changed this unwanted site by going to the Tools tab... To Internet homepage address...deleted this site and replaced it with the site that I want.

Everything is fine .... Until I shut the computer off... When I reboot ...that unwanted site is there again!!!!!!

How  can I kill this site for good   HELP
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bartsmitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start, run, type msconfig

Disable all startup items. Change the IE home page and reboot. If it sticks this time then there is a startup item which changes it.

In many cases this is a small registry file. Check the startup tab in msconfig for any commands starting with 'regedit'
is this a computer at you work because if it is the administrator has you set up to that page you dont wont and no matter how much you change it it will always go back to that page becuase the way he/she has your profile set up.
If indeed the admin has not set it for you thru profiles, then go to start -->run and type msconfig, go to the startup tab, and uncheck all but systray and explorer, reboot change the start page and relaunch IE (or reboot and launch IE) if this fixes it, go back and recheck one at a time (reboot inbetween) untill it returns, then you have the program
also look in start -->programs -->startup
and lastly the start page is held in the registry
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
look for startpage on the right, right click and choose modify
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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Your computer may be infected with a trojan.  See this help page from Symantec:
Asta CuCommented:
Hopefully the previous information has helped you already.

If not, what is your browser and version?  Try this, assuming Internet Explorer - manually go to a link in your Address bar that you want to choose as your Home Page, then from within IE - tools-internet options - general and select "use current" on the home page selection.  Then CLOSE THE BROWSER to make sure settings are kept.

The other thing to consider, is your type of setup, some ISPs have a setup option for Home Page as well, which supersedes your choice until you update your connection to the ISP in the connectoid you use.  Update that as well, if applicable to you.

check your c:\windows\temp
and/or c:\temp directory for any file ending with .reg
This page on the problem of home pages being "hijacked" may be of some interest and use to you:
hjaycoxAuthor Commented:
Thank you Bart.... I found one line with regedit in it ....took it out and everything is happy
hjaycoxAuthor Commented:
Thank you Bart... found one item with regedit in it and that was it.

Just to make sure you're fully 'clean' you should look for the file that the line tried to load and delete it.

It may re-install itself when it gets run.
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