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dual boot?

can you do a dual boot with windows 98 and windows nt?
1 Solution
yes you can just create two partitons and install make sure your harddrive can support it
oh by the way microsoft does not even use there partining agent the last time i heard they were using partition magic just a warning.
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Well, the answer is YES! But you should meet the following criteria:

Make sure your hardware is compatible, as most people are found to complain regarding the incompatibility issues that arise from the installation of a new OS.

Still the most essential things to be taken care are:
Minimum requirement recommended by the OS itself, enough RAM (64+ Mb recommended) enough free space on HDD, (at least 2 GB free for installation) and FAT 32 Dos Partitions (it’s already if you are running Win98)

You need to have at least two partitions on your hard disk (e.g. C: and D: It is expected that you are familiar with the partition of hard disk)

What we are trying to do?
We shall configure WinNT to install as secondary OS (dual boot), without affecting the previous version of windows (Win98) This is done by installing the new OS into the alternative disk partition. This way, we may choose to run either WinNT or Windows 98, during the booting time.

Which Version to use?
I recommend you to install Windows 2000 Professional, the best NT version I've ever seen. You will require to run the setup from the installation CD, so, copying the content of the CD in the HDD wont help you. There are two ways to begin the installation:

1.     Boot from CD ROM:
The efficient way, though helpful for only advanced users. Configure your CD as 1st boot drive and run the setup. After 1st reboot, you should undo the changes you just made and boot from HDD. Proceed to the Installation section.


2.     Create Boot Disks:
You will need four 1.44 Mb floppy disks to create boot disks, one as you do for windows 98, so it is better you use new disks, so as to avoid possible disk error. Boot your computer with the newly created boot disks, insert the CD into the drive and begin the installation.

The Installation:

Begin your installation from CD, and follow the simple instruction as directed by the installer itself. However, there are some critical decisions to be made during installation that is going to affect the kind of result we expect. Therefore, it is recommended that you do the same as prescribed, as it is a tested procedure.

Some Critical Decisions are:

1. At several instance, you will be asked to press the ENTER KEY to continue with the Setup process, you need not press the ESC and F3 key, just stick with the ENTER Key.

2. When asked about the location of installation, ALWAYS SELECT THE ALTERNATIVE PARTITION DRIVE LETTER (eg. If  you have C: and D: drive partitions, select the D: but NEVER SELECT C: if you do so, your win98 may get corrupt!)

3. If the setup asks you to convert the type of file system of the destination partition (eg. Win32, NTFS, etc,), always select LEAVE THE PARTITION AS IT IS (no change) so you don’t have anything to change on that drive.

The three points mentioned above are the most decisive ones, if you don’t strictly follow them you are likely to get in trouble. So make sure you don’t underestimate them.

Though the installation is safe and tested, it is recommended that you backup all your documents and important files prior to the installation so as to remain in safe side. You might find that some of your hardware like modem; sound card etc. might not work properly or at all. You may check out for the latest driver update from the manufacturer, which are freely available to download via in their web site.

So best of luck, and you can always ask for more information in case you need them, I’d be glad to help you out.
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Sure you can on virtually any system. If you have a big disk, you will need atapi.sys driver from at least service pack 4.
Also you will need to install your applications again on the nt drive. Do not even dream of sharing applications between windows and nt.
If you have windows installed, and are installing nt next, dual boot is one of the installation options.
well you can attempt to use lilo without installing linux.
rprincessAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. It saved me a lot of time and trouble and it worked out for me. Thanks again.

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