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Writing a DLL

Hi there, all i want to do is call a DLL however all i have is VB source, if anyone understands VB which i don't could you please help?

the dll and source code is here http://geocities.com/tcjdelphi/messenger.zip but i think the part i want is here...

Private Type YMSG5_LOGIN
    ymsg5_id As String * 34

    ymsg5_pwd As String * 34
    encryption_string As String * 26
    encrypted_string1 As String * 26
    encrypted_string2 As String * 26

End Type

Private Declare Function YMSG5_GetLoginStrings Lib "YMSG5LOG.DLL" (LPYMSG5LOGIN As YMSG5_LOGIN) As Long

Private Step As Integer
Private Connected As Boolean
Private ymsg5_log As YMSG5_LOGIN

So far i have in Delphi this...

Type TYmsg = Record
  ymsg5_id: String[34];
  ymsg5_pwd: String[34];
  encryption_string: String[26];
  encrypted_string1: String[26];
  encrypted_string2: String[26];

  Ymsg: ^TYmsg;

Section:             Exports
  Flags:             00000000
  Time Stamp:        3C915F88 : Fri Mar 15 12:12:16 2002
  Major Version:     0000
  Minor Version:     0000

Exports from YMSG5LOG.dll
  2 exported name(s), 2 export addresse(s).  Ordinal base is 1.
  Sorted by Name:
    RVA      Ord. Hint Name
    -------- ---- ---- ----
    000011EA    1 0000 YMSG5_CryptString
    00001014    2 0001 YMSG5_GetLoginStrings

I am not even sure if CryptString does anything...

Am i on the right track?

Thanks to anyone who can help me :)
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1 Solution
Function YMSG5_GetLoginStrings(var LPYMSG5LOGIN: TYmsg): Integer; stdcall; external 'YMSG5LOG.DLL' name 'YMSG5_GetLoginStrings'

I guess you fill the structure with ID, Password then call the function and get a return value
the result values must be explained in the docs
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
yeah but is the pointer correct thing to do? since strings are Pchar?
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
yeah but is the pointer correct thing to do? since strings are Pchar?
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it's ok because string[26] is an array of char and treated a bit differently than normal string
you can change that string[26] to "array[0..25] of char"
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