get result from system operation (perl)

hi ! i'm executing the mail client blat with the system command of perl. unfortunately blat has no queqe so i have to get any error message from the application into my perl script. how do i do that ?

best regards
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MoondancerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks, question moved to our PAQ at zero points and closed.
Moondancer - EE Moderator
$result=`your-command 2>&1`;print $result;
ItsMeAuthor Commented:
i forgot: i'm running a nt server. will this work there too ? and what is the meaning of 2>&1 ?

best regards
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not shure about NT, depends on your perl version if it understands backticks.
2>&1 is the (UNIX)sh notation for redirecting STDERR to STDOUT. There is something similar for NT's cmd.exe, can't remeber how it works there (it's far to long ago since I trashed all M$ systems:-)

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Please delete.
I gave 2 suggestions, 1'st for the original question, and 2'nd for the additional question.
Both work for me (in my environment), so I don't see a reason why to delete this question.

" I don't see a reason why to delete this question. ..."

Both these comments will not work on a Win* environment.

As ItsMe has indicated, he/she is on an NT environment.

The purpose of posting our comments is to help the user get a solution that would work in their environment too. Since ItsMe has not indicated the same, i am certain that he/she has not found the solution she/he was looking for.

Therefore, my recommendation to delete.

> Both these comments will not work on a Win* environment.
Hmm, I know of WinNT where it works: for example with ActivePerl or cygwin.

ItsMe just stated that it does not for her/him, but never returned with more comments.
Even if it ends up in "not working for (Its)Me", I'd like to make it a 0 pts PAQ, instead of deleting.

"..I'd like to make it a 0 pts PAQ,.."

A 0 pts PAQ is fine with me.


so we all agreed on 0
may future readers deside if any comment is usefull.
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