Time for a wee moan.

I don't do this often, but I am now.  How many of you experts are noticing that more and more people are asking questions, but completely ignoring the comments you post?  For instance, someone asks why something doesn't work and you give them a couple of things to try, but it seems to me that they think that it's too hard and just ignore the comments.  It's like they expect us to come up with a miracle solution without having to do anything themselves!  Don't get me wrong here, I'm all for helping people, but as the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves (not comparing myself to the Almighty of cause).

I get really jacked off posting comments trying to help people and then they don't give me the courtesy of saying thanks or, that didn't work can you suggest something else.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  This is happening so much recently and it's becoming REALLY annoying.  I don't give a pinch of piss about the points, I don't care about the gradings, all I care about is trying to offer a bit of assistance and then getting some gratitude for my efforts - not to be completely ignored!

I remember a while ago (98 or 99) a black list was started because this sort of crap was happening.  I'm in half a mind to start this damn list up again because I'm wasting my time helping ignoramuses out who don't want to do anything for themselves.

IF you post a question and someone posts a comment, it's not bloody hard to write a comment back informing that person of the outcome of his or her suggestions.  If you don't like their suggestion, let them know why, tell them why it didn't meet your requirements.  Experts spend a lot of their spare time helping questioners out, and there is nothing worse than being ignored.

I know I'm not as prolific as Madshi, Barry, Meikl etc, but I still do help out where I can.  Call me a whinging bastard if you please, but I'm getting to the stage now where I couldn't give a stuff about this whole thing.  Experts Exchange is fantastic - it's a two way street.  I try to put back what I take out, but it makes it damn hard when certain people blatantly ignore expert’s comments.

And another thing that jacks me is people who ask a question, get the question answered (usually as a comment) and then don't return the courtesy by accepting the answer and awarding the points.  This is your form of payment for a service provided by a skilled person!  Maybe EE should impose an interest system, where if a question is left open, that user has a certain amount of points deducted from their account which goes into that dismally maintained question.  Not only is it rude, but it makes the moderators lives harder because they have to weed through all the opened questions, post lazy people messages informing them that they haven't finalised a question (or in some case dozens).  

There's just no excuse for it.  I put it down to plain laziness.  No one can ignore the email alerts.

So, if you want your questions answered, do the right thing and respect the people that work damn hard to provide you with high quality answers quickly and efficiently.  Otherwise, you might find that your questions are just left without answers.

That's my bitch for the day.
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Lee_NoverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe NEW users should only be allowed to have one or two open questions
at a time.  That way they are forced to close questions before opening new ones

I like that idea

and an open question should also be allowed
I asked 2 questions and nobody could help me
and I'm gonna close them now :)
just pick a random comment and accept it :)
if anyone has an idea .. help out :)
about the questions noone can help and you solve it later on .. what to do about those ?
Wasn't there a time when those open questions were closed by awarding each comment the points?
Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:
Hi Robert,

I'm not sure.  I remember ages ago that if a question was auto-graded, the person with the posted answer received a B grading.  But I can't remember what happened if the question wasn't answered.

I know that heaps of people (myself included) used to deliberately answer a question just so it couldn't be deleted once an answer was found (even if our proposed answer was rejected).

Maybe that system should be put in place again?  I do like the idea about the interest penalty on question remaing open for an excessive amount of time.


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agreed too,
but do the moderators not
this remembering  and forcing to grade
to the questioners at last time?

well i myself forget sometimes questions
where i've posted a comment and provided
there further help, specially
if the notificationsystem becomes out of order.

meikl ;-)
Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:

Very valid point about the notification.  However, it isn't hard for people to maintain an external list of QID's and manually check them.  I've done it recently because the notification has been so dismal (seems to be great now).


about the points ..
wheter you accept an answer or not .. you loose those points
anyway ... agreed :)
"Call me
a whinging bastard if you please"....

You're a whinging[sp?] bastard! <g> Just kidding. I, too have gotten a little tired of the nochalant nature of some of the users here. Although I am finding that the moderators seem to be really be getting on the cases of the "trollers" who ask a question and drop it. I'm finding that I am not quite as reluctant to offer a comment as I had once become. Thank goodness for Moondancer, et al.<g>

Good bitchin'!

Since moderators are now working even harder to clean up, they are bound to realise that some types of users are simply better if left out. The mess this kinda user makes is bad for them, for us and for the general user.

Anyhow, a few years back I remember starting one of the many black lists among the Delphi experts and I am all for a new black list!!!

So, what is the first name?!
Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:
DrDelphi - hahaha.  When I wrote that I wondered who would be the first person to make a comment like that :)  I agree with what you are saying, but if people weren't so lazy, the moderators could be spending more time doing other things (like making the notification work 100% of the time <G>).  They do a great job keepin' things clean, but like I've said, it ain't hard to maintain what _should_ be a realitivley small list of questions.

Which brings me to another idea.  Maybe NEW users should only be allowed to have one or two open questions at a time.  That way they are forced to close questions before opening new ones.  I know this sounds harsh, but at least it would stop this problem of people having 10+ questions open at once (one user in the VB section had something 30 questions opened!)

Well, the black list was more of a threat than a promise at this point in time, however, I'd be more than happy to start one!  This time tho, if we're going to do it, I'd like to make it one that was publically searchable.  So, if some people aren't having their questions answered, they can check the site to see if they're black listed or not.  I'd be more than happy to create the site and maintain it.

umm... better make sure my name ain't in the blacklist! ;)
Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:
Mwah haw haw (Dr Evil laugh)..  You were top of the list, DragonSlayer :)
Oh No!!! Then I'd better start posting more 300 points Qs so that I can finish spending my points before Stuart starts black-listing me and not answer any more of my Qs! :)
Hi Stuart,
Hi all,

I like an idea to limit number of opened questions for a new user.

There are lot of peoples ignoring any comments :-(
This is the main reason why I'm trying to help only for known users (some kind of white list). At least I'm sure they tell me "thank you".

and one more,

why don't show on title of the question the number of opened question for questioner? Is it difficult to implement?
Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:

Ask a question with my name on it then :)  I've given you heaps of mine over the years :)  Hahaha.

Hi Igor,

The white list is a good idea.  But you've got to start with trust before you can take it away.  I always give people the benifit of the doubt, but if they stuff me around once, I'll never help them again.

I like your idea about the open questions.  That's a great idea.  Hopefully C/S has seen this thread and will post a comment with regards to this and other suggestions posted here.

Stuart_JohnsonAuthor Commented:
House keeping time :)
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