Please Help me????????

Server and client are there.

Server listening in particular port say ex 5678.

I want server to listen and there is no packets coming from the client for an particular time server wants to sent packets or message to client.

I want to know to find out the port is ideal for some time?
2.No message has been passed out from server for some particular time?

Please help me.

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MindphaserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Basically you want a keep-alive signal?

Do you have the server source? If you do, you could create a linked-link and hold the times in there, checking every once in a while...

Do you have the client source? You can do the same in it really...

With the points you've listed above, you must consider this a very difficult problem, so I'm probably missing the whole picture. Would you be more detailed please?
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How are you keeping track of the clients, and which IO strategy are you using  ? Asynchronous ? blocking ? or event based ? completion ports ?.

Depending on that it might be trivial or a bit difficult to implement what you are trying to do. You need to keep track of in-active time for each client, after it hits a threshold send a signal to the client and reset the in-active time (if the need be). This would be easily accomplished in non-blocking modes.

>> how to find out the port is ideal for some time?

What eactly do you mean by that ?
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