Stupid Outlook Issue

OK, my patience has run out.  I am trying to create a rule on a SENT message.  When I send any message flagged for follow-up, I want to place a copy in my Inbox which I have sorted to easily view flagged messages.

No--I don't want to cc or bc myself when I send a message, and yes I will do it thru vb if I have to.  But before all that, am I missing something in the rules wizard?  Or has MS just dropped that particular ball?

I am using both Outlook 2K & XP (different machines)
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NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Points refunded and question closed.

CS Moderator
wanna see if this has what you want?

I know I've seen something at slipstick about handling flagged messages, but I can't find it just yet..
jessnjeffAuthor Commented:
I don't want to add anymore add-ins to my pc, but i will take the hint about slipstick.  If I find it, I will give you the points.
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I looked and couldn't find anything... but maybe you'll look better :-)

the other option I can think of would be to use a specific template for messages you want to flag and set your rule to check for the template.
dbase118Commented: seems you can set it for importance or sensitivity but not by flag status.

MS may have dropped that ball...
jessnjeffAuthor Commented:
I have been around ght block a few times on this and the only way to do this is thru VBA.  

NOT a happy camper.
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