Dialup Connection for Delphi


I need to know how to use the dial up connections from Dellphi (using V5).  Can anyone help.  Also, what are the pros and cons rather than using something like Async.

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freshman3kConnect With a Mentor Commented:

These components should do the job(All of them can transfer files, some include examples):

1)http://efd.home.mindspring.com/tools.htm   [freeware]
2)http://xcomdrv.host.sk                     [freeware]
3)http://deepsoftware.ru/nrcomm/index.html   [shareware]
4)http://www.kdtele.com/features.htm         [shareware]

Good Luck!
use InternetAutoDial
 - this will connect you to the internet with the default connection
 - check the flags for dialing type
 - use InternetAutodialHangup to hangup

use InternetDial
 - this will connect to the net with the specified connection
 - use InternetHangUp to hang up, as parameter use the value returned by the InternetDial function

all in the wininet.pas unit
lots of freeware components with source codes at www.torry.net.

I think that need to much space to put here a code for this job .
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dvkAuthor Commented:
I'm not using it for internet, I want to dial a PC at the other end to transfer files.  Will this still work, and do you have any examples?

you can do that
I have :)
just set up a dialup connection to dial into that PC
the ip of the machine is the one assigned by it's DHCP server or it's static IP
to download a file you use ftp protocol or your own
Hello again!

Just would like to add that Async from Turbopower(www.turbopower.com) can transfer files,and they have alot of good examples
dvkAuthor Commented:

I had a look at soe of the samples, thanks.  

What I want to do is connect two computers together and transfer a file from one to another.  I currently use Async Pro, but find that I have to do a lot of work to get the file across (because I use passwords etc).  I thought I could use Dial-Up to take the effort aways from the app, and let the connection handle the modem stuff.  What I would like is a method of connecting/receiving the file automatically.  The dial up connects to te net ok, how do I get a Delphi app to listen???  How do I initiate the send/receive automatically.

help please.  I will increase the points for a good solution.

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